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Change We Need

Who are you?

You Are The Change We Need !

Greatness is not best quantified by the outward gorgeous appearance but by the quantity of quality services in term of influencing, effecting a change and imparting good on people's life. Experience is not best described by the number of years spent in a prospective field of profession, but in the efficiency of output of skill in terms of improvement, innovation and exhibiting distinguish ideas. Self-worth is not best explained by the quality of material possessions or how wealthy you are rather by the virtue of humanity, philantropism, modelling, giving hope to the hopeless and living a meaningful life not just for yourself but for others because a life not lived for others is nothing but a life wasted.

Have you realised how special and invaluable you are? Who you are is not your name - anybody can bear it, you are exactly who and what you think you are -the product of your thought. If you believe you are extra-ordinary, supernatural, supermodel, the most gorgeous and long-awaiting Messiah, then believe me, you are just exactly whatever and whosoever you think you are. How well you prepare, hope while working towards achieving your dream is a personal question. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Are you yet living an inferior life? Do you take yourself for an article of no commercial value, an invaluable but valueless, an educated but a crude and an illiterate, an unsuccessful but with talents, a man with sight but no vision? If any of these or others is one of your thoughts, then, you are doing yourself no good, I bet you wouldn't have existed. The fact that you are born is enough to convince that you have a quota to contribute, a life to change, a situation to alter, and the likes.

Do you believe that there are millions and one who want to be like you - you are far better than them. Only if you bother to realise the purpose of your living and your self-worth, then you are just an ingrate to your creator. Do I hear you telling yourself that you are an element of change, the long-awaited Messiah, a blessing to this generation, an icon of dynamism, a rare gem indeed, a glorious star that sparkles in the sky, stronger and greater than ever, remaining steadfast and stand firm despite calamities and predicaments, seeing before you a brighter and better future that is full of happiness, great achievements, bringing changes and adding values to people's life, as a representative of God here on earth, bearing the attribute of God and sharing the image of God. You are just an heir of God's kingdom.

It is worth of note that nothing is free even in Freetown, it takes somethings to make the dreams come true and upgrading your personality. Rome is not built in a day, steady and slow, people say, win the race. You need a change of mentality, I mean total disrespecting for status quo, you need to inhibit that age, sex, location, tribe, religion, etc, are determinants of your achievement. Say a Sage, Mike Mudock 'the mentality of a man is the driver to his destiny. Developing a positive mindset - optimism, would help you in no small measure.

Creativity comes in the course of craving, crave for more knowledge. Knowledge is power. Spend your time reading motivational articles, it would help. Participate in lucrative investment, supportive gropus and productive activities.

Aspire to acquire your admired desires, do not retire, even it backfires, but refire, all in the name of acquiring your admired desire. Perseverance, persistence, intense determination, remaining focus, praying while going towards achieving your goals; these and others are the ingredient of achievement. You have a role to play in realising Nigeria vision 2020. You are an architect of your own fortune, the peak is in you. You are the change we need.
Published: 2009-02-13
Author: Joseph Adeboye

About the author or the publisher
Back to memory lane, in a couple of decades and a couple of year, I was born into a polygamous family. The situation of my family has exposed me to many things in life and this had been my source of inspiration. I had developed the habit of reading and writing, surfing the internet and making friends who are unique. There is more to tell.

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