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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, jokers, great artists, famous people

Charlie Chaplin’s real name was Charles Spencer Chaplin. His father, Charles Chaplin was an entertainer in a music hall. His mother, Hannah, was a mimic. Charlie had a brother. Charles often drinks after the end of his shows which soon made him a drunkard. He also became a cruel husband as well as a cruel father. Hannah started to have hard time. She went to halls for money. Since she was afraid, she took Charlie along with her. But, one day, her audiences shouted at her and she cried. So the stage manager took Charlie to the stage and asked him to sing. He was only 5 years at that time and, very soon, he became a popular star.

Everything changed when Hannah was admitted in a hospital; the children were sent to a destitute school. Charlie was not good at studies, but was good in recitation. When their mother was fine, they were sent with her. Charlie started his career in stage while his brother went to sea. He became very popular soon.

He directed many films. He made the poor forget their sadness and made them laugh. He gave importance to them. Due to Communism, he was exiled from America, but he was then allowed to return back. He left the world on 24th December, 1977.
Published: 2008-04-23
Author: Pam Brown

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