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Cheap bridesmaid dress

cheap bridesmaid dress

Who is a bridesmaid?

A bridesmaid is a young lady companion of a bride, who looks after her and takes her care during and after a wedding ceremony.

Who can be a bride’s bridesmaid?

It is the prerogative of the bride to choose her bridesmaid. She could be her friend, cousin or distant cousin or any other relative. Bridesmaid can herself be married or unmarried.

How many bridesmaids can be there to a bride?

Often there is one bridesmaid to a bride, but she can choose to have more than one. In some cultures with traditional moorings like India, a bride has a bevy of bridesmaids, which include her sisters, cousins and friends. There is however, a primary bridesmaid known as the maid or matron of honor.

What kind of dresses do bridesmaids wear?

In fact, selecting proper dresses for bridesmaids is no less tedious than selecting the one for the bride. Bridesmaid dresses come in a large variety of styles, colors, patterns and designs. They could be in a single piece or two-piece bridesmaids dresses, tops and skirts. Bridal gowns are traditionally white, but bridesmaids’ dresses can be as colorful as one’s imagination. The shades of bride’s gown and bridesmaid dress may match or be different or be even contrasting. Their range of designs can almost be endless as with sleeve or sleeveless, contour, strapless, halter etc.

What is the size of bridesmaid dress?

Bridesmaid’s dress can measure up to her knees or ankles or may go beyond up to the floor.

What are the different kinds of fabrics used in a bridesmaid’s dress?

Bridesmaid dress can have a wide range of fabrics such as georgettes, brocades, taffetas, tulles, chiffon, satins, silks, crepes etc.

How embellished and decorated are bridesmaid dresses?

Bridesmaid’s dresses can be simple or highly embroidered with lace, rhinestones, crystals, gems and they may even look really elegant with built in cups to add to shape and to give support.

Are the bridesmaid dresses cheap or are they expensive?

Contrary to popular perception that that there are no cheap bridesmaid dresses, there are in fact cheap bridesmaid dresses available in the market. These cheap bridesmaid dresses might look as elegant and expensive as the really expensive ones. The cheap bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of colors, patterns and lengths.

Where can one find the cheap bridesmaid dress?

Cheap bridesmaid dress can be found with good dress designers, who put them on off-season sale or at heavy discount sale.

Where else can cheap bridesmaid dress be available or procured?

You can look for cheap bridesmaid dress at consignment store. It could be a great place to shop, if it specializes in wedding wear. You can expect to find every conceivable cheap bridesmaid dress, if the consignment store is in an upscale market. You can get even previously worn dresses at a much-discounted price tag here. Consignment store has another advantage. You can sale previously bought new bridesmaid dress here and recover a part of your expenses.

Does one get cheap bridesmaid dress on rent?

Rental is an excellent idea, especially if affordability is a consideration. Rental shops will have dresses, including cheap bridesmaid dresses in latest fashion at almost half the price or even lesser. However, alterations may be required if you are looking to dress the entire bridal party as they may not have sizes fitting everyone. But on the scale of affordability, they can be your best bet for cheap bridesmaid dress.

What are the other places to look for a wide range of cheap bridesmaid dress?

The other places to look for cheap bridesmaid dresses are the Departmental stores, bridal shops and of course you can always order your choicest bridesmaid dress on line at the click of your mouse!

Published: 2007-03-09
Author: Ajit Jha

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