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Chicago Nissan dealers feature "top car" in Nissan Z

Mundelein Nissan, Gurnee Nissan, Chicago Nissan

Chicago Nissan dealers have always been top notch. But now, after the most recent JD Power and Associate quality ratings have come out, Chicago Nissan dealers should be respected even more. Local Gurnee Nissan dealerships are now featuring the top-rated Nissan Z.

JD Power and Associates released their 2009 High-Quality Ratings only to reveal that the Nissan Z was awarded the fourth slot on the list. Local Mundelein Nissan dealers are thrilled about this prestigious announcement and are thrilled to be carrying these top cars at their dealerships.

The JD Power and Associates ratings were compiled through the completion of many surveys of actual new car owners and leasers. These car buyers and leasers evaluated problems with their new cars and discussed issues in categories such as interior, exterior, engine and transmission, seats, and overall driving experience. The cars with the least amount of problems ranked the highest.

As all Chicago Nissan Z owners can attest to, the sporty coupe has very few problems. With strong and powerful horsepower, it was made for speed and the open road. It has easy acceleration and braking and reliable handling, making it a safe and sturdy ride. It also boasts a very comfortable interior, with plenty of room for both passengers and cargo. It even has special hidden compartments for just a little extra space.

And the features it has to offer are spectacular. Visit Gurnee Nissan dealers, and you will find that the Nissan Z comes with a Bose audio system, iPod compatibility, traffic control navigation, Bluetooth, push button ignition, and a load of many other new and exciting features.

The Nissan NISMO 370Z has also been creating quite a stir, being the Zs newest model. It has been pulling its weight within this Z lineup, as one of Nissans coolest and fastest sports vehicles. The NISMO 370Z is sure to get plenty of attention at local Gurnee Nissan dealers, and Mundelein Nissan dealers are very excited to have them in their showrooms now.

The ratings helped establish the top quality cars for 2009, putting Nissan among the top 5. However, it also helped the auto industry regain momentum, by seeing that their overall quality jumped, going from 118 problems, to only 108, a significant improvement in just one year. Mundelein Nissan dealers are thrilled about this improvement as well, believing that it will boost morale within the industry.

Chicago Nissan dealers are very excited about this achievement that the Nissan Z has accomplished. Every car in the Z lineup has received great reviews, and Mundelein Nissan dealers are very excited that these cars have received a high rating in this survey. They are also very upbeat about featuring these cars in their dealerships, and are sure their customers will be very pleased with them. So stop in to your local Chicago or Gurnee Nissan dealer to find out more about these top cars, and to test drive one to see what a top car should feel like. Not only will you love the thrill of this sports car, you will see how practical it is for everyday life, a rare combination in cars like the Nissan Z.
Published: 2009-07-27
Author: Kurt Kessler

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