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Child Abuse

My Tiny life

My father shatters my tiny life to death
This is my virginity my father is taking away from
Is it my fault? No, is it that I can't fight, I don't know
I'm torn apart by my father who tore my mom
Daddy are there no women out there of my mother's age, they are plenty

My tiny life is shattered to death by a neighbor whom I call an uncle
This is my future, this neighbor is destroying
Is it my fault? No, is it that I'm weak to fight, I don't know
I'm split apart by a neighbor whom my parents trust

My life is ruined
When I see my father I'm terrified to death
Stealing right where his cruel meaty sjambok is
Wondering what it's doing there in his pants
Aren't you shy my father?
Who is going to restore my virginity?
You should have stopped planting me in my mother's womb

Mother my only hope is in you
Listen attentively to what I'm saying Mama
Should we keep this filthy secret in our family in order to maintain your marriage?
Please Mama you are there to talk it out for me
I'm afraid of everyone wearing trousers
I know what's underneath there, a cruel meaty sjambok

I see a man, a cruel meaty sjambok flashes in my mind
Only to give me nightmares
I'm longing for death at an early age
While my father is strolling freely with his cruel meaty sjambok
Hanging loosely for my mom and me his only child
Our neighbor an uncle is hanging freely with his cruel meaty sjambok
Ready to strike another innocent victim
Oh! My life being destroyed by these cruel adults

Daddy you teaching me what I'm not suppose to learn
I brought my books for you to help me with my homework
I envy the children of my age being protected by their dads
On holidays playing freely and happily with their dads
Where is my father to protect my life?
Oh! No, not this one
He's turned to a stranger, a monster in the house
An insane out of the hospitals of insane

Published: 2007-05-14
Author: Helen N Shabalala

About the author or the publisher
Helen N Shabalala

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