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Child's innocence is a source of Inspiration

How to take inspiration from a child's innocence

We all love kids. No matter what our age is, we all love to look at a child. The innocence and tenderness that a child possesses is truly something that draws our attention towards them. There is something that is so fascinating about a child that we grown ups don’t have. Whenever we look at a child there is a certain charm which reflects on our faces as well. We all wish to look young and in order to look young we sometimes hide our own age as well. As we grow up, we tend to feel sad and depressed because we don’t like the fact that we are getting older and the reason is that we all want to be young and charming like a child.

The fact that a child is innocent is something that always attracts everyone. A child is someone who can attract anyone’s attention whether the person is known or a complete stranger. Every one from an eighty year old to eight year old likes to play with a child. A child’s innocence can melt several hearts, can end many fights and can solve many relations. A child is someone who is away from the dirty politics of everyday lives and is away from the jealousy, hatred and egoism. A child is not bound what others want them to do but they like to do whatever they wish to do.

We all wish to be like a child but what is it that we are doing that differentiates us from a child. The first thing is that we do things to impress others, we are worried about what others will say, What will they say if we will do things according to our own wish, we are more worried about their temperament rather than our happiness. In order to impress others we are sacrificing our happiness everyday. Whole day we try hard to impress our bosses, our in laws, our partners but it is often seen that we always fail in impressing others. This is the major difference between us and a child that we do things for others and a child does things for himself. We are living a life full of obsession to impress someone or other. But what are we getting out of it? If we look carefully we are wasting our lives in getting nothing and in running after things that are not even worth it.

We are living a stressful life. In order to meet the deadlines we are running so fast that we often miss the important things in life. We are coping with life’s problems and sometimes we complicate our lives so much that we often fall prey of wrong habits. The stressful office hours, long waiting at traffic signals, maddening crowds often gives us heart attacks. We forget to smile, to relax and to think that there is life beyond all this.

Try to live life like a child who enjoys exploring new things every day. When he tries to get up and walk, he falls several times and in doing so he feels happy but to us it looks meaningless. A child likes to crawl and tries to get hold of the things that fascinates him and his small things gives us the inspiration to live life to the fullest without any trace of hatred and jealousy in our hearts. A child gets nothing out of the things he does but he is happy as he gets satisfaction out of it but we on the other hand have engaged ourselves in sorting things some of which are completely useless.

What is it that we don’t laugh or giggle in our routine life? What is it that doesn’t let us enjoy our lives that we used to do as a child? The reason is that we are lost in the past or are worried too much about our future or tomorrow. Try and live life like a child who believes in the present, in living the moment and who feels happy in doing things that pleases him the most rather than worrying about what others will say. Half of the world has forgotten to laugh heartily from within. We are lost in our problems that much that we let our present slip away in front of our eyes.

We should realize that to be happy and contend we should shed our egos; we should shed false hopes and should surrender ourselves to the journey of enjoying life, of exploring the ways to be happy, should try and explore things like a child that gives us happiness. We should never forget that each day brings new hopes, so no problem is that big that it can not be solved. In the madness of the world don’t forget your own self. In order to meet the deadlines don’t forget that somebody needs to be happy and that is you.

Try to look life and the world with new hope and loving eyes. Drop the ego, love everyone from within, try to explore things with new eyes –the eyes of a child, dance like a child and play like a child, live life like a child because only when you will be truly honest to your inner self you will be able to find contentment within.
Discover new things. Surrender to Almighty like a child surrenders completely to his parents, in the same way surrender yourself to the Higher Power and trust that He will take care of the rest of the things but you make sure that you do your part in a nice way of living life honestly like a child. Life is about living life but how well we live depends on us only. So select happiness and innocence of a child to be happy. Select the simple ways of life, discover the joys of a happy and contended life.

Spread happiness around, the same way a child brings happiness on our faces. Attract people with your good deeds and innocence rather than trying hard to impress people. Accept the fact that you can’t make everyone happy so it’s better not to waste life on these petty things. Life deserves to be led in the right way so give your life the joy of happiness.

How to live life correctly depends on how we want to live it. Life treats us the way we wanted to be treated by it. So take a while away from your daily life, sit in a corner and try to analyze things around. See what normal day to today things want to say. Try and reason with your own inner self. Look around a playing child, think about the time when you were of his age, try to understand that best way to live life is by not complicating the things and by keeping it simple. Find the reasons that only you can find. Remember with each passing moment we are growing older and this present time is the time when you can have fun, so wake up and grasp the moments you have in hand. Dream your tomorrow as a happy and contented one and always aim to achieve that dream.
Published: 2007-06-14
Author: Simran SODHI

About the author or the publisher
I love to write general interest articles and also articles on real life experiences. I have a vast collection of my own original articles and poems which i am ready to submit for publication. Reading and writing poetry is my passion. I am a student of writers bureau Uk and also a member of writes circle.I love creative work and that is the reason why i love making portarits and love to paint.Amongst my favourite authors i like the work of Norman Vincent Pillai, Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer,

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