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China on a warpath to India

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The recent incursions by the Chinese troops on the Indian soil had much been a epic topic for the media. In June 2009 two Chinese helicopters flew over the Indian flying zone , it was only brought to the notice of Indian Army chief after two months. The lackluster & compliant attitude of the Indian Army has been downplayed recently. However, when there are intrusions from the Pakistan side of border , India does a big hue and cry, so why not with the Chinese. The mute response by the Indian government will someday motivate China to even raise their claim over the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, in last few months China has deliberately spoken about the Arunachal Pradesh being an integral part of China to the Indian diplomats.

It’s a shame that Gen. Kapoor of the Indian army has agreed about the Helicopter incident and the other similar intrusions last year, further he also stated that there were same number of intrusions even last year. Wow, somebody please make me understand is this General counting only the number of intrusions or will he take some substantial action against the Chinese, I know there cannot be an act of aggression by the Indian army against the Chinese but atleast put pressure on the Ministry to pursue diplomatic and international talks. India’s silence only vindicates weakness and as a developing nation India cannot make itself weak. The high rate of corruption, Political failure, failed democracy has made India difficult to stand united as a nation. India cannot consider the victory of Kargil as their gold medal achievement. What India needs is a stronger defense systems, double the military manpower, increase the naval presence and strengthen all its international borders with proper demarcations.

On the other hand Pakistan considers India as a terrorist nation, apologies but their terminology of terrorism is different than the rest of the world. Pakistan doesn’t have to use Taliban, LET, JEM, ISI and other terror groups to attack India but after the Mumbai terror strikes of 26/11, Pakistan has found within India groups that will attack India like the termites attacking wood. Pakistan too has deployed its missiles to India and even publicized the same in their media to play a psychological tactics on India. There is still any response to come from the Indian government on the missile issue. Sri Lanka has also added numbers to the military power in terms of manpower and budget and we all saw what happened to the LTTE in Sri Lanka. When our smaller neighbors are preparing their nation for stronger tomorrow, then why cant India do the same or even consider to start a plan despite so many warnings coming up to life.

At the India-Bangladesh border also , some incidents of intrusions have been witnessed , mind you not by the Indian ( BSF ) Border Security Force but by the local villagers who brought such intrusions and land grab to the Media attention. Bangladeshi border guards have so far killed many BSF jawans in an unprovoked scenario’ and yet the Indian government has been mute. The coming off light the recent smuggling of fake Indian currencies into India by the Bangladeshi has also hit the news, yet the Army, CBI and the Indian government is mute.

Nepal a friendly country bordering with India and with open cross border policy with India has also been supporting & perpetuating many illegal activities in India, they have also gone to extent of sheltering many anti-India groups in Nepal. Many recent terror activities against India has also been planned from Nepal. Last week two Hindu priests were beaten up by the pro-Maoist supporters and it has also been discovered that these activists were supported by China. The former and current Prime Ministers of Nepal are hardcore communist / Maoist followers and they have both been drawing near to Beijing in order to secure their traditional ties with China.

It will be not long enough when China – Nepal will also sign a pact of open border and cross border travelling , the one similar to the India – Nepal agreement. I wonder then how difficult its going to be for the Chinese to intrude into India next time. The Chinese government has been successful in transforming Nepal from a Hindu monarchy state to a present day communist state. The influence of Beijing has been tremendous on the Nepalese government and now China has been successful in even inspiring the people of Nepal against the Indians. Apparently there are no direct threats from the Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal governments like Pakistan and China, but it will only be a time when even the other neighbors’ will become hostile against India.

Capt. S C Sharma IAF (Rtd) who currently resides in USA says that “ these Chinese incursions are the precursors of similar pattern as adopted by China years before going to war with India in 1962.These are deliberate grave provocations with definite purpose and were downplayed then and it is being done even now. India was not prepared for a war then with China and suffered a humiliating defeat besides ceding over 12,500 sq miles of its territory to China in 1962. The same story is being repeated now. India has unfortunately never learnt its lessons from history and likes to adopt least line of resistance in such situations. Its successive governments have repeatedly downplayed the Chinese despite professional military advice. Its entire defense strategy has always
been Pak centric whereas the real threat is from China, considering real geopolitical situation. In 1962, USA bailed us out against China - who will now help us out in case of another with China? Regretfully, the media also likes to play dumb in a matter as serious as the present Chinese incursions and deliberate provocations. It is a wake up call for India. Hope Indian leadership will take proper remedial action (?)besides re-orienting its entire military planning and strategy to protect the country against a grave danger to its very survival. Gp Capt SC Sharma,IAF,(retd).”

Does the government of India know what these incursions mean or they are willing to sell the country to China and the rest of the enemies? I can’t figure out how many countries in the world would be mute on such intrusions and terror activities executed by its neighbors’. The sovereignty of India is at stake. The India – Russia military cooperation pact, that Russia will protect India from any aggression and will engage against the enemy of India in an event if it has to do so. This pact will be ending in 2010 and the current Indian government has not shown any signs of renewing or creating a revised pact with Russia , so if that doesn’t happen next year then Russia will not come to military aid of India if there’s an attack on India by any other nation and with the various deployments of USA around the world there’s only chance that US will exert an international pressure on the aggressor nation. Just basking on CIA reports that India will be the next superpower by 2015 doesn’t allow Indians to have a laid back attitude and give rise to the enemies of India to become actually become stronger and powerful.

Even the smaller surrounding countries have strengthened their military & economic ties with China , so that they will stand tit for toe with India. Internally India is getting weaker with a evil administration which is making the Indian population suffer with many smaller issues of day to day life to gain electoral votes. What will be the future of the country when it is ruled by mostly the gangsters, criminals, anti-social elements and traitors?

Will India rise against China and the other terror creating countries?
Published: 2009-09-07
Author: Anil Machado

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When I was a kid I started with drawing and paintings to express everything around me and also to express my emotions. However, I was late to start writing and expressing myself, but it wasn’t long enough I got into the professional wagon.
I have conducted several trainings around the world. My initial writings & trainings included on Fitness and later on Management, Business, Politics, Society, relationships, family, war , Personality Development and many more. I have also been on the Judging panel for the American Business Awards. After closely examining the current media, news, articles around the world I found adventure in truly digging deep into the conspiracies and uncover the facts. I still trust that there are few writers the world who really get the penning their topics with involved expertise and experience and I am one of that…most of all I just want to share the knowledge and writing is my passion.

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