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Choosing an Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

If you own a Website and are looking to bring in some extra revenue, it’s a great time to look into a few Affiliate Programs also called Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click and Click-Through Programs. These programs make selling on the Internet possible, for people who have no
product or service of their own to distribute to the public. You can cut many costs that would apply if you owned your own product, such as production, storage, and accounting.

Companies partner with affiliates to cut the cost of advertising and distribution which makes it possible for them to offer you a percentage of the gain. Most Affiliate Programs offer between
5-50% of the base cost of the item and some will allow you to earn on more than one level. With a one tier program you collect a commission on any product/service that you sell but on a 2-tier program you will have the option of recruiting other affiliates like yourself and earn a
percentage of the items that they sell as well.

When choosing an Affiliate Program find out:

• if they have a support system set up to guide you through the process until you become comfortable with the program

• how often you will be paid (usually within 30 days of the following month)

• the minimum payout before you will receive a check which can range from $10, $50 or $100

• if they offer tools such as articles, tutorials, free software, leads and message boards which allow affiliates to interact and share their experiences

• if they offer real-time statistics which allows you to track the progress of your campaign

• if they offer a money back guarantee on products

• if they list a legitimate contact name, address and phone number

• find out if there is a niche for the product/service (go to and check to see if there is a market for the item that you plan to sell

Beware of “Get rich Quick Schemes”

Get rich quick schemes are increasing on the Web every day. You’ll find ads telling you that you can make massive amounts of money overnight using their systems with very little effort. Most
of the time they require you to pay a fee to join. Many tell a story of how the founder was a poor or ill individual who came up with a plan to make millions and succeeded.

Some ads read:

• "I was skeptical about this at first myself..."

• “I don't mind sharing this incredible secret with you because there's more than enough money for EVERYBODY”

• "send $1 to everyone on the list, then add your name to the list and send the letter out to 100 people”

• "This is not a pyramid scheme" or "This is not an illegal chain letter"

Don’t give up too easily! It usually takes between 2-6 months of consistent advertising to get your campaign off the ground and running effectively.

New Affiliate Programs

Complete Marketing Course

The Complete Marketing Course is a complete how-to manual for anyone who wants to do business online. Step by step information on professional web sites, SEO, business blogging, and more. Affiliates earn 50% commissions on every sale. Submitted by Biana Babinsky, Complete Marketing Course..

Trader’s Suit of Armor

The Trader's Suit of Armor is a course is for traders in the futures, forex and stock markets. Most traders are struggling or losing money and they are looking for this solution - and they spend money as a trader. We offer a two-tier affiliate program administered through
PayDotCom, paying 50% on the first tier and 10% on second tier sales, with monthly payments via PayPal. We also offer a one tier program administered via ClickBank, paying 50% per sale. Submitted by Brian McAboy, Trader's Suit of Armor..

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Published: 2006-04-18
Author: Treci Cauthen

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