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Chuva Chenes

gays, gay lingo, gay talks

Have you ever heard of the term "Chuva Chenes"? It is not that popular on other countries but here in the Philippines, your either stupid or an introvert if you dont know about it. "Chuva Chenes" is one of the many phrases in the "GAY LINGO"of the Philippines.

Gay lingo is one of the new gossiping techniques in the Philippines. It is not that new but, it is just now that it grew to a more sophisticated language in the Philippines up to date. It had come even with it's own dictionary and reference materials. Such in that most of the terms are ideocrastic or destructive to a human being.

The words are codes designating to one person or thing. Imagine two gays talking behind you and you wouldn't know it's about you unless you could understand them. That is why most of the Filipino people are trying to understand the said lingo. I've even experienced this thing, its when a gay was talking in gay lingo with his/her friends then i noticed that they kept looking at me then a friend of mine who can under stand gay lingo came and told me that those gays we're talking about having sex with me. It's irritating when this happens.

You see I'm not anti-gay or what but its not that right when these people are talking about you and it's gonna be a disgusting thing. Ok maybe I'm an anti-gay, but it doesn't change a thing. morality comes to that part.

Before I end this article i would like to ask forgiveness to those who may have been offended by my words. As my conclusion to this article, I dont have anything againts the gay lingo but its just that if there is a chance please dont use the lingo with people who can't basically understand cause its unethical. Thank you for this oppurtunity.
Published: 2007-11-16
Author: Robert Jupiter Gapuz

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