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Birthdays are celebrated by each one of us either in a very grand manner or at least in a small way. It reminds us that we are a year older, which might either trigger happiness or sadness or just be considered as a natural phenomenon by each person. Same time, every year, the personal holiday we call "Your Birthday" arrives. You want folks to remember your birthday (no matter how much you protest).As a kid you are more enthusiastic & as you grow older you expect your closed or loved ones to remember it. In this fast pacing world with each age group browsing websites or accessing mails more often, the distance apart is easily broken off with a feeling of closeness often expressed through mails / greetings during Birthdays.

Here comes the question of choosing the best card / link to wish a loved person. We have varieties of original birthday graphics and clipart - clowns, children with gifts, gift wrapped packages, birthday cake, birthday balloons and lots more. Here comes the question of categorizing it based on the birthday person’s taste, age, sex. We have Hallmark, Yahoo, Archie’s groups and lots more branded sites in the list offering cards and gifts brimming with lot more ideas.

All flashcards & clip art images are available in the net. It’s available for free download or we may have to buy them. Music video clips are soothing. I remember my college days when you wake up at 12 to wish a friend on her Birthday. Candles & Birthday cakes are cut with nice songs downloaded from websites to dance & have fun. Gifts are bought and different ideas may be collected from the net. Food clip arts or Free Birthday Clip Art & Graphics Vault...may be taken as printouts and hung on walls for decorations.

For kids who are generally Enthusiastic & excited with full of energy, Get free backgrounds, images, bullets, buttons, sets, borders, cool lines for Birthday. These may be downloaded for free. Drinks, Pink Birthday Cakes or different color cakes, confetti’s, as well as different varieties of cake recopies are available. Kid’s birthdays are more of toys, games, balloons, kid’s songs, video games and of course a fancy dressed person representing a cartoon character who’s the most adorable person in the crowd. It might be the choice of the Birthday boy or girl to choose which cartoon character would suit to cherish the festive mood.

To be a host of a party is exciting. But at the same time it needs to be planned and organized well. People need to be invited, party celebrations have to be pre-planned and more of all being a very nice host is the most important thing. These tips are available too with lots of ideas. It may vary on the crowd called in for celebration, the Birthday person’s age comes into question next as a kids or teenagers or an old persons Birthday has different kinds of celebrations. The place is the next main option to be selected. Either it’s a party celebrated at home or farm house or pub or a club hall or any small place convenient enough to gather the imaginary crowd kept in mind while selecting the place.

Parties have no hard written rule to be followed. It’s each person’s choice. What matters is that parties must be enjoyable with loads of fun and be remembered till the next year arrives. It should have an impact in such a way that each person would love to join in the next year and would look forward to it with nice memories. Each passing year has one single day that needs to be enjoyable. Its not money alone, It’s a collection of many other factors that’s important to celebrate a Nice Birthday. Options & ideas from Net enable us to organize it in a simple though grand way with long lasting memories.
Published: 2007-05-29
Author: Sanjana Uthappa. N

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