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College Degree on Line

college degree on line

College Degree on Line:

A New Era of Education:

The Internet has made it easier for all, wishing to obtain , a College degree on line. But How does a student decide upon which program of study to choose or which online university is right for him/her?

E Learning first before College Degree on line:
Before seeing College degree on line, we need to brush up on E learning first and the following are the key elements for the same.

Guide lines for Success in E learning:

Undoubtedly this is an exciting world, a revolutionary way to obtain your College degree on line or master new skills. Unlike other recent educational innovations, e-learning is extremely student-centric.

That is, it places the entire process of learning at the control and fingertips of students. Easily by using a computer and an Internet connection, students can learn online anytime, anywhere - and at their own speed. Thus college degree on line is a possibility.

Before signing up for an online course or program, it's important to know what skills you need before the start. You also must know what type of course delivery format will be suitable for you, and where to find that course or that program.

Basics of Computer Working:
First, make sure that your computer skills are in good form and nick. You should be able to easily send and receive e mails, e mail file attachments, browse and search the Internet, and type reasonably fast and accurately.

E-Learning Formats
When choosing an e-learning environment, new students assume that they will have to completely give up real interaction. But the truth is that many e-learning courses are available that allow students to hear, read and speak in a real environment - just like a class room.

So if speaking and communication are critical to your learning style, make sure that the course or program you select offers a real-time, e-learning environment.

First whistle blown:
Once you've picked up your computer skills and know what type of e-learning format will work for you, how do you find course providers?

The best approach is to use your newly found Internet search skills in the search engines. Try using keywords into your browser, such as e-learning, online learning and distance education. You'll discover a stream of credible online directories that can help you refine your search. Here starts your E learning adventure - That is the First whistle is blown.

True interest in the subject area:
The success of the College degree on line purely lies on the density of your interest. Learning should be fun and thrill, but if you go into an area you are not interested in studying, you will quickly lose momentum and find you are not learning. Studies have shown that we learn and retain more knowledge when we are truly interested in the subject area.

Two types of Emotions:
Learning is attached to 2 types of emotions. They are called, positive emotions and negative emotions. When the process of learning is not working well, we experience feelings such as confusion, despair, or frustration. And when learning is working well, we experience curiosity, fascination, and intrigue.

Comparison check on College Degrees on Line:
Upon your decision on selection of the course, do a search on the Internet to view whatever the subject area is and review all programs (universities) available. Be sure to review each program of study and make notes as to what you like about each one. Perform a full comparison check with each program of study against what it is you are really looking for. The college degree on line you are looking for should be fully available in all respect.

If you are not yet sure what you are looking for, do a comparison check anyway so that you can see what is required with each program (university) and what is different in each program (university).

The College degree on line and the Online universities vary with their courses, their programs of study, and the processes involved. By completing the comparison of subject area (or program area) and the university comparison, you will get a better feel for what is available in not only the subject area (or program of study), but also, the similarities and differences in online universities and college degrees on line.

Narrow down your search:
You may become inundated and begin to feel more tired and frustrated with the more research you do on College degree on line. This is normal. Do not let the tones of data available frustrate you. Narrow down your search on college degree on line. Check out a few programs (universities) first from the original list you find. This will give you an idea as to what is available, on college degree online and what is required within each program of study, especially if you are still not yet sure of what program of study you are really interested in pursuing. Then once you have an idea, your search will become much easier and less frustrating. You will begin to become more excited in choosing the right and suitable college degree on line!

Repetitive search on college degree on line with various sources:

Each university will have several programs for you to choose from. Review not only the program, but also be sure to check out the list of courses under each program of study. While this might now begin to sound repetitive, I can assure you it is critical to your search.
Compare the programs and how many courses you will have to complete.

College degree on line - Comparing Apples to Orange:
Remember, programs of study vary and could be as simple as comparing apples to oranges. This is where your comparison check between programs is important. It allows you to review how many courses under each program of study you must complete, how many credits are involved, the length of study for each program, and of course, the costs involved.

Request for information on College degree on line:

Usually you will be able to request further information from the university you are reviewing. It is a good idea to request more information so that you can have hard copy materials to compare to other universities and college degree on line that you might also want to review later.

Accreditation of the program for the College degree on line:
Your next step then is to check on the accreditation of the program (university) you are interested in pursuing. Accreditation is important because institutions that are accredited meet certain criteria in obligation of the mission of the university as well as necessary quality control checks that ensure high-quality programs and education at the institution for the college degree on line .

Worthy exercise of learning through college degree on line:
You should want your money to be spent wisely and you also want the college degree on line you will obtain to be worth something in the end. Why anyone would want to spend four years working toward a college degree on line that is not accredited and recognized?

• Accreditation is required for students to gain access to federal funds for grants and loans in the U.S.
• Accreditation makes credit transfer among colleges and universities easier.

In Recruitment, Employers look for accreditation status when evaluating credentials of job applicants and offering financial and other supports to employees as Pre requisites.

Beware of Bogus Degrees in College degree on line:
As there are malpractices and manipulations in this field too, Beware of diploma mills! which are known by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation Agency as accreditation mills and they are the so called degree-granting institutions that are not accredited but grant degrees for money without students achieving any type of coursework or course mastery. It is Illegal and Prohibited. They are bogus degrees from institutions that do not hold proper accreditations or authority of granting real degrees.

What's Next towards College degree on line?

After you have a program of study chosen and have done a comparison of other online universities against what you are looking for, and have made sure your institution of choice is accredited, then be sure to complete the online form for the institution of choice to contact you, if you have not already done so. This is a basic degree for any college degree on line.

List of Questions for College degree on line:
Be sure to make a list of all the questions you would like answered before the institution contacts you for College degree on line. When the institution contacts you, be sure you have all of your questions answered. If possible, get those answers in writing from whom ever you are speaking with from the institution, even in an email.

If you need further clarification on anything on college degree on line, now is the time to do it. If you need to take time to review what you have discussed with the institution, take the time needed.

Evaluate and re-evaluate your choices on College degree on line. Do not let the institution that consistently hounds you make the decision for you on the college degree on line.

College degree on line - A Business on Education!!:
Remember, online institutions with College degree on line are in business to make money. They tend to push and make you for a lock-in answer. Competition is fierce so the institution wants to get you first and will do whatever it can, to do just that. Make your decision only after you feel comfortable with your choice on college degree on line. If you still find you need further clarification, be sure to follow it up before making your final decision.

On Line Class room and Online Learning Management Systems for college degree on line: (Access and Approach to lectures, course content and syllabus, Reference and reading materials, Exercises and assignments)

In the College degree on line, The Style and the structure of an online classroom may vary from university to university. However, most online courses (programs)are encircled with a learning management system (LMS). The LMS will provide you with details and access to all that you will need during your study time in the online classroom. A LMS will consist of areas similar to a home page or main online campus area where students will then find a section for their login or access into their specific course/program area. Within the online classroom, upon login, the student will find everything he/she needs.

Participation and its vitality in College degree on line:
In all college degree on line ,Participation is critical to an online learning environment because this is where a great deal of the learning takes place.

The LMS - learning management system should include Seminars , conference areas, folders, or specific areas where students can gain access to the course syllabus, reading materials, lectures, articles, needed for the course.

In any college degree on line, You can expect to have written lectures posted weekly for you to read and also discussion questions that you respond back to in order to initiate thoughtful discussion that relate to the course objectives and content.

Weekly points for College degree on line:
Sometimes you will find actual requirements that you must meet in order to gain full participation points for the week. In other words, you might be required to post so many responses per week in order to meet the participation requirement for the college degree online course. This should be spelled out in the course syllabus.

Take note of this as you check into any online program you are reviewing or ask about it since it will vary, but could become a potential problem if you are not willing to put forth the necessary time needed for the course (program area) you are interested in pursuing.

Weekly attendance for the College degree on line:
Additionally, you might also find you will have to meet specific requirements to be in attendance weekly. For instance, you might be required to log-on so many days per week in order to be just in attendance for the week. Again, be sure you can be present and meet the requirements so that you are not surprised later on while already enrolled into a program and then later realize you cannot be present and have problems down the road.

The attendance requirement for college degree on line is usually because online universities must meet specific criteria in order to maintain accreditation as an online university as well as the financial aid requirement. This could vary from university to university. Be sure to be comprehensive when you check this aspect out.

Other Check points for the College degree online are as follows:
• Computer requirements as You need to exclusively have one since Using others will not be a good solution,
• On line platform software to be loaded.
• Tech support Number for student
• Student tutorial to show you the entire details.
• Lead time for learning (at your speed)
• On line library – 24 Hrs / Day 7 Day / week
• Virtual book store
• Comprehension - on line Exam details
• On line writing centre
• On line Student code of conduct
• Qualifications of the Online instructors and professors.
• Language compatibility
• Learning environment – Chat session and others

For any college degree on line , the course knowledge (content and future), resource planning, the right choice of the courses and of course the Hard and smart work put in are the key elements of success.

Published: 2006-04-09

About the author or the publisher
Iam a professional writer for various websites .My interest is in Current affairs and any public related topics , Management development and On line related issues. Iam from Singapore .

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