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Conemen on the Internet

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There is something going on in the Internet in this world that needs immediate attention. There are this raffle sweep stake games that are played on the internet and these people who are trying to spoil things for those people who are sincerely looking for partners on the internet.Having the dating services on the internet can not be called sin, neither is it a taboo because it enables the single people in this world to meet and perhaps find life partners here.

Not all of us were lucky to get what we needed in this world. There are many reasons that can make someone not to know how to come across people of their types in life, that are people who want to marry or any other thing that they might be wanting partners for so, having a place like a dating site where you go and explain yourself why you want the type of person that you are looking for or just where you get the kind of partner that you want to have in your life is not a bad thing. It is better than being shy in your own home. The website is a very good solution to this problems and they should be encouraged and improved to become better than what they are. Only those people who were lucky to have not come across problems in their marriages can be against this services but they are very helpful for this kind of people, that is people who separated at older age or people who wanted special kind of partners.

But there are some people on this website that are really devilish. Some write to you asking for a special kind of help. Perhaps they got widowed and their relatives at home don't want them to have share of their late partners property. Or perhaps a will was written on their names with special conditions that will require the help of someone like you. You accept to help him or her and then they just drop you abruptly, sometimes because a little fee is wanted somewhere and you are not in a position to pay for them the wanted fees. They are spoiling the places for rest of us who are genuine. The Internet is nowadays full of conmen and women. May the law do something about it. Conmen are tapping money from people on the Internet.

The other time, I played a sweepstake game on the Internet with one American company called the free lotto. I won more than eleven million Dollars but because I was in Kenya and not the U.S.A, getting my prize became impossible just because I could not pay them the fifteen dollars that they charged for the processing of all the data that is involved in the sweepstake. And neither can I get information beyond the fees that they charge and America is too far from Kenya and I can not take a legal step about.
Published: 2008-03-16
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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