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Conference call companies

Conference call companies

Conference Call Companies:

Cross talk and Mass Talk:
Ten years ago, people were already talking in groups of three or more on the phone. That was called CROSS TALK !!!!

But Today this multi party conversation is a planned and deliberate act , one that is being used by more and more companies every day, in this mass media communication and it is Mass Talk. It is now a phenomenon called the conference call.

Who are the Conference Call companies?

It is simple, All the above Service providers are called Conference Call Companies. These (C C C - Conference Call companies ) 3 C business players compliment the core competence of any business through effective communication.

Conferencing is a Two Way communication. It is the discussion or interaction between two or more person at one time. But, it should have exchange of information.

Functions of Conference Call companies:
Conference Call companies, through this facility help users share information, initiate Interaction and sorting out mutual issues between a group of persons.

Conference Call companies provide this service through phone, video, or web conference facilities.

Information super high way:

In today’s age of information super highway, communication is the integral part of human being. It may be business, management, medicine or science conferencing of which a comprehensive and thorough audio-video has its contribution for the many who fly in this highway.

The need for Conference Call companies:
Conference call companies play a great role in this transformation. Conference call companies, through this audio-video medium makes us saves time, money and reduces the pain of the physical move. It's no wonder people wish and depend more upon communicating through conferencing and hence the need for Conference call companies .

Need for Guide:
An improper guide, or an unsuitable product bought from any of the Conference Call companies, may lead to expenses and you may not get the full success also from the conference.

Need for right selection:
An improperly planned and managed conference call can have a reverse and detrimental effect. At the lowest level it could mean a wastage of time and a slightly larger phone bill. On a more serious note, in the Management, it could hamper serious strategic and policy issues for the firm. Hence the right selection among the (service providers) Conference Call companies is very vital.

Most people are willing to jump onto a conference call to get their problems solved, but few know how to prepare and conduct themselves during the call. In the same way , they also jump on to any of the Conference call companies and end up in more cost and waste.

Exercising a few rules can help change this. Today there a number of options for conferencing, provided by the Conference Call companies, such as
• audio conferencing,
• video conferencing,
• audio-video conferencing,
• web conferencing and the
• phone conferencing.

The choices may confuse one to know which is good and suitable for your company and also the plenty of service providers ( Conference Call companies) may dazzle you.

Having proper knowledge will save your money and time. Today there are multiple service venders(conference call companies) who provide conference call services with latest equipments, New features as per the need of the Business community since Communication requirements have gone through a catastrophic change.

Settle for the best:
It is worthwhile to know who the best among the Conference Call Companies is (service providers ).

It is again beneficial to know which the best equipment for the conferencing is. These are some of the problems people face in day-to-day life while conferencing, both with the equipment and also with the Conference Call companies.

So, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind during the purchasing process to maximize your investment and value. Before we see Conference Call companies , let us see the types of Conference calls

Types of conference calls:
They are Five types of Conference calls and Conference Call companies can provide either all or selected facilities as per the need.

i. Simple three way call:

This is the simplest of all. It is mostly impromptu and has no special rules. To clarify a single point or confirm an action between three people is the objective. This is commonly done using the mobile phone unlike the other call types that are done with speakerphones in conference rooms.

ii. Announcement call:

The head office of a company might for example decide to change the pricing policy at short notice. Explaining this is best done by a conference call as it is interactive and allows all branches to clarify common doubts. The suitable feature can be recommended by the Conference call company to the user.

iii. Follow up call:

Especially popular in project-oriented companies, it involves giving status reports on various issues. At every stage of implementation, the various parameters are tracked by headquarters and explanations asked for any shortcomings. The Conference call companies can give a suitable feature for this activity .

A typical example of this is the project status review when a stage is completed. Another is the month-end sales review where all the branches have a conference call with headquarters explaining their sales numbers.

iv. Broadcast call:

Used originally to declare and discuss financial results of companies, it is today used internally. It involves one central speaker. There may be a limited number of other speakers.
Most people log in and simply listen to the conference call without giving their inputs. This ONE WAY TRAFFIC also can be a feature exclusively provided by the Conference call companies.

v. Feedback call:

This involves giving detailed descriptions of a particular experience. There is a narrator and a listener at the other end who will keep detailed notes of the narrator's comments. Conference Call companies can specially give a custom made facility for the same.

For entertainment and Social purposes:

Conference call companies can be used for calls for entertainment or for social purposes, such as the party line.
People call in to a specified telephone number which allows them to talk to others, serving as a way to talk to and perhaps subsequently meet new people.

Common use:
Conference calls are most commonly used by businesses , hence the Conference call companies too.

Users of Conference call companies:
Conference call companies are used by nearly all US public corporations to report their quarterly results, usually also allowing questions from stock analysts. The format of the call begins with a disclaimer stating that anything said on the call may be a forward looking statement, and results may vary significantly. The CEO or CFO, or the Investor Relations officer then will read a report on how the company did that quarter. Finally the call will be opened up for questions from analysts

How to select one among many CONFERENCE CALL COMPANIES?

The following key features and facilities need to be provided by the Conference call Companies . So one has to compare these features and the cost among all the Conference call companies and select the right one.


• Express connect conferencing , Security mode, Dial out conferencing ,DTMF Clamping , Mute Own Line , Lecture mode , Security , Participant count , Call recording , Volume control , Contract period , Set up charge , Direct billing to corporate account , Credit card billing , On line billing – View calls in real time , Int’l dial out , No of Talk +Listen participant ports , No of Listen only ports , Moderation code security .


• OS Support ( Windows Xp), Chat , Ability to quickly up load, Doc / Application sharing, Conduct a GROUP WEB TOUR , White board Multi point video, Voice over internet , Give a presentation, Demonstrate a software, View and edit documents, Desk top sharing, Synchronized slide shows, Up load power point format, Supports up to 10000 users, Custom meeting sites.

Hence both the Conference Call companies and also the users need to work closely and understand the need and jointly choose the right equipment and features. Permutation and combination of features will be the challenge for selection of the right facility in view of the growing business needs.

Conference Call companies can visualize the to morrow’s need also for the client, based on to days business status and recommend the right feature, thus money, time can be saved beside winning the client for long.

This kind of CO WORKING is required in this type of industry. It is NOT just buying and selling .


Published: 2006-04-09

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Iam a professional writer for various websites .My interest is in Current affairs and any public related topics , Management development and On line related issues. Iam from Singapore .

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