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Conversation with God

Death, God, grandmother, grandparents, love

In a surprise call at about 1.20 PM on seventh June, a messenger from god came looking for Mrs.Satya Harbans Singh. All pleading to postpone affairs fell to deaf dears as a determined god insisted he could do nothing in this matter.

'But prayer is the art to conquer the impossible,' I said my plead turning into an argument with god after the messenger put him on line via his satellite phone. And I have been praying for her good health all night.

'Oh! You humans! When will you realise that billboards with footballers saying 'Nothing is impossible’ is just to sell you shoes.’
'The other day flying past India’s Connaught place I saw one big billboard saying ‘Impossible is nothing, and I asked my secretary when will the human mind evolve’, said god his voice polite but sarcastic enough to belittle me.

‘And by the way dude who told you prayers were the art of conquering the impossible,’ asked the same voice.

‘No one. But I grew up with this,’ I replied still trying to hold my ground and find an opening where I could argue my case further.

‘I believe there are churches, Gurudwaras (Sikh Temple), Temples and Mosques, Synagogues selling you this product called prayer. Also, what I hear is there is a prayer for everything - good results, long life, sexy wife and even a prayer to get in touch with me. Book stores are full with volumes and volumes of books on ways and methods to pray and reach me.

So what’s the harm, I asked. Since I am talking to you, it means you exist. But you are one hell of a cool guy, I said trying to humour him, hoping he listened to my case more carefully.
Ha ha, laughed the voice. concept

‘Prayer to me seems some kind of a balm... ummm... the ‘Tiger Balm’ the guys with the small eyes make. It can give you momentary relief, but the inevitable is unavoidable, his voice suddenly showing sense of urgency.’

‘I need to disconnect,’ said the voice citing seven missed calls from his office in Mars.

Beaji (grandmother) breathed her last.
Published: 2009-06-11
Author: Khushwant Singh

About the author or the publisher
Born on 11th July 1972, in a leading citrus growing family of Punjab,
Khushwant Singh developed writing as an alternate career at the age of
twenty-four. His initial work included free-lance writing on
Agriculture issues for 'The Tribune', leading English daily of North
India.He joined the Times of India in 2002.

His vast exposure to the NRI Sikh community during the course of his
work encouraged him to take a travel in 2005 and profile some of the
most extraordinary Sikh men and women of England and USA.

An alumnus of St. John's High School, Chandigarh and Department of
Mass Communication, Panjab University, Khushwant Singh presently stays
in Hoshiarpur district at his kinnow farm with his son Adiraj and wife

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