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What ever is going wrong with the minds of the big Kenyans? Just imagine Kenyans, after all this civilization that we have attained and the political maturity of our beloved country Kenya and the recent overhaul of the country’s constitution, our rulers and all kinds of leaders still see it as a crime for someone to ask for his or her rights and they still harbor the old habits of solving all problems at the places of work by sucking their juniors, even when they are right before the law. What is wrong with this act really? Why should we Kenyans continue sucking the wise people among us like this?

Some one who can stand up and question the rulers about something that is going wrong somewhere isn’t a fool, infarct this is one of the qualities that everyone would want in a workmate or a neighbor .They are the kind of people that we would like to look like in this country, people who have the power to point out what is wrong and to suggest the best solutions that they think can better the lives of the people who live with in the borders of this country and not the opposite. Instead of listening to the people grievances, they go about threatening to sack them, exactly the opposite of what the people of this country expected when they embraced the political changes that just happened in the country recently.

Kenyans thought that the coming of the new system of politics would erase such kinds off oppression .Asking for a better pay, better working gear or better housing and son on shouldn’t be a crime at this moment in this country Therefore every person who will find themselves trapped in such a situation ought not be sent packing from their places of work .Instead they should be respected for such an act and encouraged to air their problems always.

A few years ago, the faith daily newspaper reported about a soldier who had been sent packing from the barracks for disclosing some forms of corruption in an army sacco society and that was very severe injustice against the soldier.

And now it is the prison warders .This prison officers are only asking for what they feel that it is their right to have and they deserve it .We have to bring in the experts about such matters to give them an answer and to send them packing from their places of work .This kind of thing is supposed to have been gotten rid of by the recent overhaul of the country’s constitution and laws .Let us stop this and have everything in this country ,from the presto the laws and all other spheres of life as free and the universe and the light form the sun .

May our leaders look at the problems a second time and the prison warders of Naivasha maximum security prison are not criminals in any way and may their grievances be looked in to and may the other Kenyans who might be stuck in the in such situations be listened to .May the vice –president not sack the warders and any other people who will be asking for rights from now and onwards and forever in to the future .And ,may the human rights movements not allow this to happen to the people while they watch .The warders just sounded the alarm that there was some kind of corruption going on in the prison ,What was wrong with that ?Sending them, away from work is just a sign of backwardness.
Published: 2008-05-10
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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