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Cosmetic Catastrophe

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Already had a skin peel? Had wrinkle fillers to plump your wrinkles? Had a tattoo or two? Well, you may or may not be aware of the fact but the truth is: These cosmetic procedures can sometimes ruin rather than enhance your skin appeal. Here are some of the procedures that should be applied with care and caution.

Skin Peels
These are chemicals applied to the skin that make the layers of old skin “peel” off, the body lays down new skin that is much smoother and firmer. The chemicals applied to the skin cause a controlled burn that makes the skin look rejuvenated. There are varieties of peels with different strengths. Lighter peels use AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Medium peels use TCA (trichloracetic acid) and the deep peel.These peels help in reducing the wrinkles, coarseness, and blotchiness in the skin. However the deep peel goes into the deeper part of the skin causing a few problems like discoloration which can last years. It is most important to go to trained and skilled persons. Even light and medium peels can cause harm to the skin. This mostly happens when the peel penetration is too deep or has been left on the skin for too long. There is also a chance of serious damage including burns, swelling and pain. Please do not go to a beautician for a peel because sometimes they use a mixture of skin peel chemicals. If you have persistent redness in an area after the first week of a peel let your doctor know right away.

Scar Correction Procedure
A conventional procedure for minimizing the scars of chicken pox, acne or small pox is dermabrasion, which is the sanding away of the upper layers of the skin which results in a more uniform trough-less look. In dermabrasion, fairer complexions respond getter than dark skinned people. Dark-skinned people are at a higher risk of acquiring discoloration. Bear in mind Dermabrasion should be avoided on certain areas of the skin such as eyelid lower neck and upper chest. The best way is laser dermabrasion instead of the conventional type because it allows the cosmetic surgeon a greater degree of control over the skin.

Wrinkle Fillers
Wrinkle fillers are substances which are used to fill and plump up wrinkles and scarred areas. Some of the commonly used types include collagen injections, Auto fat injections, botox and so on.

Bovine Collagen injection, the most used by people has a tendency to develop allergies to almost 3% to 7% people around the world.Cosmoderm is similar to bovine collagen but has lower risks of allergies. There is also a procedure called the “Autologous fat transfer “in which your own fat is harvested from an area, such as the abdomen, and injected into facial areas where there are wrinkles There is no risk of allergy reactions since your fat is used .Surely if you are interested in auto-fat injections do find a cosmetic/dermatological surgeon trained in the procedure.

Botox, a registered name produced by a bacterium (clostridium Botulinum) works to smooth the frown lines temporarily by reducing the activity of the muscles that cause these frowns. But it does not reduce other fine lines, skin roughness nor does it help with acne, scars or uneven pigmentation. A medically qualified should perform a Botox operation. If injected into wrong area it can cause ptosis, i.e., drooping of the eyelids, or asymmetrical expressions on the face lasting from 4 to 6 months. Fortunately certain antidotes are available. Persons with neuro-muscular disorders may be at an increased risk of serious side-effects. This includes serious allergic reactions and heart problems which are serious in nature.

Decorating your body with tattoos is quite a good idea. You can find any tattoo artiste on an Indian mela on the beaches of Goa,in a tattoo parlor. But getting a tattoo done is sometimes risky and problematic. A wide variety of pigments and diluents used are being introduced in your body, but you will never know its source. It could well be industrial grade inks more suited to automobiles than to the human skin. Also unsterile tattoo equipment and needles can transmit infections like hepatitis B and HIV.Sometimes on rare cases there may be allergic reactions. Even there are removal problems. Being aware, careful and safe is the only key of getting a more healthy tattoo done.
Published: 2008-02-22
Author: Anurag Ghosh

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