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Cranking up the corner electric fireplace?

corner electric fireplace

Girls are always cold?

I'm freezing! How many times have you heard this from the wife and kids? Well, living here in the Midwest, I have heard it plenty during the winter months. Now I'm not going to lie; I don't get cold easily. I guess it's fair to say that I'm a hot-natured individual. At least that's what my wife always calls me. And then there's the fact that men sweat 40 percent more than women. This has to be true, because I live with three girls, and they're always cold. As a guy, I can't fathom what they're talking about, and often feel hot in the house. Regardless, it's a no-win situation; therefore I have to give in. this means setting the thermostat at 72, tossing another log on the fire, and cranking up the corner electric fireplace in the master bedroom. My wife lives for this cozy addition now days.

3 types of fireplace

When it comes to buying a fireplace, you have a few choices to make. Let me introduce you to the three most common. First you have the classic wood-burning fireplace. I prefer this one because it's inexpensive and more traditional. Then you have the most prominent and popular fireplace available today. It's called the gas fireplace. All it takes to enjoy this feature is the flip of a switch. These are wonderful additions to any home and virtually anyone can use them. They often come with a blower, which forces heat out into the home. Unfortunately they're also the most expensive option since the price of gas is high and still raising. Finally you have the corner electric fireplace. This is probably the simplest yet. You can literally buy one of these from Home Depot or Lowe's, take it home, and plug it into the wall. Choose the room you would mostly enjoy your corner electric fireplace in and you're set. I purchased one of these for my master bedroom simply because they're not high priced, and they offer aesthetic value as well as extra heat.

Want the electric one?

Thinking of purchasing a corner electric fireplace? Sounds like a plan for winter. If you can, buy it in the fall or earlier. This way you will be set when the cold temperatures arrive. You may want to check prices and reviews on the web prior to purchasing a corner electric fireplace.
Published: 2007-09-19
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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