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Creativity: The Lifeline of New Businesses

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With the emergence of new businesses every other minute and the disappearance of thousands of others during the same passing minute, it is imperative that entrepreneurs understand the key elements that determine the survival of new businesses. Among the many factors that determine whether a startup will survive or not, creativity is of paramount importance.

The new vs. the established.

Both new and established entities need creativity to fend off the tag of irrelevance. Notwithstanding, it is the new business that is best placed to exploit creativity while at the same time, it is the one that faces the highest risk without it. The reason for this is simple: due to its comparatively longer existence, an established company has developed structures and traditions along the way that makes the organization rigid, which in turn stifles creativity.

The advantage of an established entity over a new one is obvious. Even though an established company may suffer a creativity lapse for a while, it is unlikely that such a setback will cause its death since it can afford to bask under its former glory for a moment.

The position of a new entity on the other hand is totally different. Due to the fact that it is less bureaucratic and the employees less specialized, allowing them to think outside their boxes, a new business is more flexible and this nurtures an admirable creative culture within the organization.

Many ways of nurturing the creative culture within the organization have been fronted. However, many of these are either too expensive or too impractical to attempt. Discussed are the rather inexpensive ways of nurturing relevant creativity within the organization.

Thinking Time vs. Idle Time

Many employers actually feel that “thinking time” is actually idle time. If a manager walks into an office and happens to find an employee seated with no files on his desk, no handset or and the computer is turned off, the manager will actually be tempted to think that the employer is idle and should be given more work. Because of this, employers cram their employees’ calendars and diaries with as many activities as possible so as to “achieve the most”.

Qualitative Goals and Objectives.

Many of the goals of new businesses focus on the quantity of output rather than the quality of the same. It is not uncommon to hear an employee whine on how on a particular day he has done “very little”. Efficiency is not all. Effectiveness is equally important if not more. Focusing on quality, forces the organization to think on how to make its system better. Focusing on quantity on the other hand, forces the organization to think on how it is going to increase output in terms of product or transactions. The effect of this? The products become boring and fall flat when an innovative competitor enters the market or a new challenge faces the organization.

The Environment around You

In order for a new business to have creativity that is relevant for survival, it is important for members of the organization to know what the clients need, their structures and have a thorough understanding of their business. It is not just about the external customers; for example, if a university is facing problems with their accounting system, what can they learn from the accounting for insurance companies? If a certain technology is used in hospitals to increase service delivery, how can this be adapted to suit the hotel industry?

Technology in modern organizations is of a vital factor; but even of critical value is the organization’s creative culture. It is through this that a new business will force a passage in a hand to hand fight and be ready for its acid-test: survival.
Published: 2007-12-06
Author: Ernest Achesa

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