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Credit Card Deals: The Pleasures of Plastic

credit card deals

Plastic – the beautiful substance which offers us credit card deals. Consumers dominate the economy, shaping the performance and promotions of credit card companies. Because the primary three credit card agencies understand that responsible buyers should be rewarded for on-time payments and avoidance of debt, we live in a world where there is extra incentive to pay with plastic. Who needs cash? Rather than loading our wallets with greenbacks and our pockets with clinging change, we use credit cards to simplify consumer-seller interaction. You may already have too many credit cards, or you may not have any – but right now is the time to start searching for the best credit card deals.

You probably got one in the mail yesterday, and you will probably receive another one tomorrow – an envelope advertising the greatest credit card deal offered since we came into existence. If you are like me, you probably throw all of these away. Shredding most of your credit card offers is typically a good idea to avoid having too many opportunities to spend your money. However, many of these credit card offers can be the ideal match for your spending lifestyle. If you travel a great deal, many credit cards can help you win free hotel stays, earn frequent flyer miles, and basically anything else you need on the long road of business. Many credit cards are offered in conjunction with a particular airline, hotel chain, or retail store. These can often be the best credit card deals for you – each spending excursion returns you with some kind of credit toward rewards.

When looking for a credit card deal, compare the main components of each card you are considering. While earning rewards can be a great incentive, some of the cards that seem like perfect opportunities can have incredibly high interest rates. Any amount left over at the end of the month that you do not repay in full will be multiplied by this rate, leaving you with an even larger amount of money on your statement. However, some cards offer very low interest rates, and these fees can often be the best credit card deals. Many credit card deals are aimed at college students. If you are a student, do not be fooled into enrolling in a credit card program because filling out a sheet gives you a free turkey sandwich. While this may seem like an amazing credit card deal when you have not eaten dinner, the possible hidden fees that you can be forced to pay will make you regret your free dinner.

If you are confused by what credit card deals may work for your payment plan and consumer habits, you should go to your local bank to see what kinds of credit cards they offer. Soon enough, you may find a credit card deal that earns you free miles to Barbados or even a refund on gas – and let’s face it, everyone needs a deal on gas.
Published: 2006-05-08
Author: PearlyWrites, LLC

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