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Cricket is called as a gentleman’s game. This is one game which has millions of fans across the world. And when it is played in the right spirit, it brings the entire nation on its feet. And the fact which cannot be denied is that is the most controversial game.

The game took its origin from England. And later on, spread across the world. This game dominates the Sub Continent. Though the Australians are the best in the world as on date. Basically, it is a game played between two teams, consisting of eleven players on each side. It is governed by two umpires on the field and a third umpire off the field, who comes into picture, only on the request of the field umpires.

Each team is led by a captain and a deputy for him. The captain is responsible for all the activities of the players on and off the field. It is an outdoor game, played on a circular, flat and leveled field. The center of the field has a cricket pitch which is of 24 yards, with three wickets on either side. At any given point of time, one end of the pitch is used for batting and the other end is used for bowling. The umpire who stands near the bowling end of the cricket pitch has more responsibilities and decisions to make when compared to the other umpire who is called the square leg umpire, who stands at least 15 yards perpendicular to the batsman, generally on his left.

The game is played on various formats such as, test matches, which is played over a period of five days, where each day consists at least 90 overs. Both teams have the privilege of batting twice which are called as first innings and second innings respectively. This format of the game is the loosing its popularity gradually. The shorter format is the fifty overs game which is called one day match where each team gets to bat for fifty overs and bowl for fifty overs. This format of the game is most popular and all the international tournaments are conducted in this format. The very famous world cup is conducted in this format where in all the nations playing cricket take part.

This gentleman’s game is not just a game played between two teams. It is the path which talks about various stages of life. The strategies involved in the game helps in building the character of a human being. Cricket helps an individual to become healthy, wealthy and wise.
Published: 2007-05-06
Author: Prema manjunath

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