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Crushed Beneath the Load

children/ parents

A common phrase; "Don't underestimate the kids of today, they will get the better of you!" All children past, present and future are children nothing more! Yes indeed! The times have changed! The world has advanced. Children by nature have always been curious and open to learning. But in today's world children are no longer allowed to be children, everything they do has become a burden. The amount of pressure on children has increased to an extent that has become detrimental to their health, wellbeing and growth both physical and mental.

Ahmed, "My life is more of a competitive game between my parents and the other children's parents then actually having anything to do with my capabilities!! It seems like even before I was born my parents had already sketched out an image of the life I was to lead. Therefore now I am not living my own dream. My studies, marriage and mastering in a field is all a dream of my parent. What's left of my life when they pass away?? I've spent my life living their dream not my own.

When results are announced and I learn I've not got the grade my parents expect from me, it hurts and I am well aware that I am going to endure a hard time when I get home. Knowing the consequences of my bad result I fear being screamed at and receiving a trashing, so I turn to lies as an answer and have spent my entire life lying to them out of fear; which has destroyed the bond of trust between me and my parent. Many people I know have being receiving good grades their entire life but have not achieved anything really great in life. They've lead a life of just studies and no life other then that."

Along with education socializing is a key point in learning about the world out there. Therefore if we are involved in a number of activities we are more likely to progress in life than one who spends most of her time at home, tuitions etc trying to cram her brain with as much as possible to pass with a good grade.

"But any result I receive is not appreciated by my parent even if I've put in long hours and a lot of efforts, which for me has paid off. It still does not seem enough to them as I have not topped the class. But even when I try striving harder they never seem to appreciate the hard work I put in. So as pleasing my parent seems impossible and out of the question I've stopped making an effort anymore because I feel they've already labeled me as good for nothing, and my efforts useless!"

Sara's view point, "Nowadays many of us don't even get to see our parents; how can we confide in them when we barely get to meet them? Both my parents work; my dad has been promoted and is abroad earning for the family. I learnt family was meant to be there for each other; together to share the joy, suffering and hardships of life. I guess I could be wrong."
" Have parents only to earn for they family and live their dream through their kids lives?? Or is the picture of parenthood bigger than that!!"
Published: 2009-02-08
Author: Michelle D'souza

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