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Culture- Forgotten or erased forever


The world is heading to a very wrong direction. A direction in which culture will either be something long forgotten or completely erased, the very same thing called culture that was once a way of identification and way of life for our ancestors. it was this same culture that a person was proud of and enjoyed and cherished belonging to that certain culture. Alas it's now fading and is either bieng forgotten or completely erased. But the question is by whom? the answer well seems quite obvious it's known as "Modernisation".

Yes whether you are an Asian,African or American. This is affecting everyone we dont realise but its slowly consuming eveyone. What we eat,drink,wear and do, is now not within the boundaries of our culture they have been either forgotten or erased but rather the boundaries of modernisation. Why has this happened? it's because in order to fit into the community you need to be modern alas it strongly resembles "The survival of the fittest" one of the bases of the theory of evolution. The very same culture that used to be an identity now long forgotten or even erased but it needs to be revived and fast, immediately because What answer will we give to our children when they ask who they are, will we say you are the children of the modern world or say you are the sons of so and so culture that is your identity but how is that possible when we have already forgotten or erased it.

Thus as a conclusion we should come back to our senses and revive our cultures, and finally i will leave you to answer "Culture-forgotten or erased?".
Published: 2009-06-08
Author: Mohammedamir hamza

About the author or the publisher
i am a student with great interest in writing public speaking and debates

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