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Curing Adult Acne

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Adult acne can be quite the bane when you're trying to get rid of them. Their stubbornness is attributed to the fact that the acne bacterium has burrowed further down into your skin. The best way to get rid of them would be to deeply scrub your skin with the appropriate soap scrubs. Do not use too abrasive a scrub or your skin will start bruising.

Prior to using the scrub on your skin, make sure to take a hot steamy bath to open up your pores so that the antibacterial scrub is able to more deeply cleanse the pores of your skin. After using the facial or body scrub, wash it off with lukewarm water and then proceed to dip the temperature of the water. Washing your skin with colder water will ensure that your pores close up and won't be as susceptible to dirt. Then proceed to applying topical creams; mainly those with the chemical benzoyl peroxide 5% to kill off any surface bacteria.

A common habit most people have would be apply a huge glob of it on their skin and leave it there. This is wrong as the cream will not be fully absorbed by the skin, you must rub the cream in until there is no trace of the color of the cream left on the surface of the skin.
In times when you have facial acne, it is advisable not to apply concealer no matter how non-clogging' it might be, because it prevents your skin from breathing, and the chemicals in the make-up might further aggravate the pimple.

Either making it bigger, or (god forbid!) cause it to explode into surrounding little clones of itself.

In times when the pimple has burst, in order to deal with the situation, make sure all of the grit and pus has been cleaned out of the pimple and then wash your face with antibacterial facial wash. Apply your germ-smiting topical cream; leave it in for ten minutes; then apply Aloe Vera gel which will aid in the healing of the surface wound.

For body acne, the application of topical cream is a bit of a stickler because it has a tendency to get smeared or absorbed by the material of your clothing. I would recommend using the anti-acne gel patches which you can leave on to protect the pimple from bursting due to friction from your clothes, and to provide salicylic acid to the pimple in the time period the patch is worn. They are really convenient because they usually come in skin color tones and you can even apply them on at night to remove them in the morning, plus they are cheap!

After giving so much advice, I must inform you that these are all external solutions to dealing with acne, to fight a battle and win it; you must fight it on the inside. A combination of vitamins and minerals are essential to healthy skin.

Firstly, vitamin E is good for your skin, buy it as a vitamin and take it everyday religiously. Zinc is an important mineral as well, as it helps in cell regeneration and growth.

Make sure to take a zinc supplement with a bit of copper in it as prolonged consumption of zinc can reduce copper levels in your body, which means your body's health won't be stable. If you can't afford it, you should eat more fruits like avocado's or kiwi's for vitamin E intake and more meats for zinc. Staying out of the sun is healthy for your skin and prevents outbreaks as well, because the UV rays will irritate your skin, destroying skin cells and thereby making it easier for your pores to clog.

I know these steps won't guarantee everlasting flawless skin, but it does make the pimples bite the dirt.
Published: 2008-04-02
Author: Christopher Fok

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