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Customer Service

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Customer Service "Are you serious?"

I happened to visit a few retail outlets over the last couple of weeks. I am shocked to see customer service at some of the outlets. Many people believe customer service can be copied, I do agree it can be copied but how many people actually do it? The answer is "not many".

I visited this telephone service provider which is one of the largest service providers in our city, I did not get a Hello, a thank you, or even a smile. This same company spends 100's of thousands of dollars on television advertising. Rick Segel believes independent retailers can beat big chains any day. You can have great marketing, great "I don't care what?", If you don't have good service - You are no game. This is just one of the stores that I visited, the rest were so bad that it's depressing even to write about them. Bad body language, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm were some of the other factors that contributed to bad service.

The reason why most companies (even a lot of big companies) don't have great service is because customer service is a lot of hard work. You as the owner, the entrepreneur should be the champion and brand ambassador of customer service. You should be the champion of the values of the organization. You should not only say it, you should mean it. Most companies say it but they don't mean it. They spend millions of dollars on advertising but what's the use if you don't do the basics right. Customer service is the basics. Make sure you do the basics right. Remember your customers are your most effective, cheapest and most credible source of advertising.
Published: 2008-08-26
Author: Vinil Ramdev

About the author or the publisher
I run a business in India. I like to write. I have also started writing movie scripts.

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