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Dating Attribute: One Minute Guide To Know The Type Of Woman To Date

Datting Attribute

Dating Attribute: One Minute Guide To Know The Type Of Woman To Date.
By: Law Umar (word count 803)

What I’m about to share with you in this article relates to the dating attribute you could pay attention to when interacting with sexy woman. This dating attribute can easily be applied in real life successfully and effortlessly. Here is a dating attribute that will save you time, money and heartache.

What then is the dating attribute all about? This dating attribute, relates to the features or the behavior trait a woman portrays when she is into a relationship. it actually describes your interaction with women and how you could easily know from the start of a relationship, if the woman you are you about to date is a ‘cruel woman ‘ or a straightforward.

The question can now be asked. How does the dating attribute relate to success with attracting sexy women? Well, as someone who is passionate about dating and romance, these dating attributes can be spotted out in women who fall into, roughly, the following classes:

Class (a): This is a woman who is out to get your “chips” and lets you know about it. This woman is “straightforward” about her intentions, what some would call honest. With this dating attribute, whether she is into “fun friends” or looking for a husband, she is forthright with you upfront. This is one dating attribute that you could use to attract sexy women.

Class (b): Under this category, the dating attribute to spot in women who fall into this class could easily be noticed when a woman assures you she is not out to get your “chips”, and in fact, tells you she wants you to get everything that is coming to you. Then she attempts to grab all your “chips” any ways. With this dating attribute you would know at a glance if the woman who appears to be straightforward with you is in reality, honest. Women in this class are the most treacherous type. When you use this dating attribute, and you notice that the woman appears to be straightforward with you about what she wants…. but for whatever reason, she is out to get your money, deliberately break your heart, or she is just pissed at all men- what a female friend of mine called a “ cruel woman”, then run a way FAST.

Class (c): You could easily notice the dating attribute in this category when a woman who assured you she is not out to get your “chips” and sincerely means it, by her bumbling, stumbling or just pure incompetence she winds up trying to take them anyways (even though she doesn’t mean to). This dating attribute describes a woman who truly believes herself when she tells you what she is looking for, but for whatever reason, bad things seem to happen around her…. she “self sabotages” when things are going good, and winds up wreaking great emotional havoc on men in her lives, even though she doesn’t mean to. The result in this dating attribute is still the same as dealing with women in class {c}, though that is why it is vitally important you pay close attention to the above dating attribute. I recommend that you avoid the dating attribute in class {b). If you are attentive and listen to her, what I call, map/model of the world, you could easily spot the women in class {b}. Some of the remarks you often hear are “my last boyfriend was cheap, he wouldn’t take me out or buy me things”. Or, remarks like, “I drove by his house and strange car was in the driveway…. he was cheating on me”. As stated earlier in the preamble, hear is a dating attribute that will save you time, money and heart ache: when you hear remarks like this, run a way FAST.

However, you should note that the dating attribute in class {c} could be more difficult to identify. This is because, it usually takes a lot longer, and you have to pay careful attention. Here are some of the remarks you often hear “it was going along so good, and I just don’t know what happened”. Women in class {c}, are controlled by their “inner world”, not in control of it. This is the more reason, why I usually recommend any relationship as just “fun friends” so you can begin to get a clear picture of her map/model of the world and pinpoint her type.

This article has clearly revealed the few dating attributes you could apply in real world. Remember, always be more attentive.

About the Author:

Law Umar, Is Author Of The “One Minute Guide To Know The Type Of Woman To Date”.

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Published: 2006-06-05
Author: Law Umar

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My name is Law Umar a professional Writer with a Masters degree in finance.

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