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We all have defensive mechanisms we put up. We hate things we dont understand, seen in students attitude to school work especially maths. If it's difficult, we tend not to like it.

We make nerds feel inadequate because they score higher grades and they know a lot more than us. We are naturally jealous, so we create defensive mechanisms. A nerd isn't cool because he doesn't go to parties or play a sport They are the geeks because we just don't want to accept the fact. A geek invented your telephone and your cellphone that maks your social life so interesting.

A nerd made that cool car you have packed in your garage. A nerd gave you your heater during winter. A nerd made the television that tells you how to be cool. What did you do? You have slept with nine women in the last three days or you smoked marijuana in front of your mother. That's regarded as cool but that wont change the world, the nerds are.

Accord them respect. Our defesive mechanisms destroy us slowly, it makes us hate a difficult subject and a strict religion.We must learn how to control it. It would make us better people. mail me at for more on the control of your defence mechanism. hope to hear from you.
Published: 2007-03-10
Author: hafeez oluwa

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