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Decent Childhood Stories. (2)

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Decent Childhood Stories. (2)

These are the stories which helped us to grow. They are the stories that were told by elderly women folk to entertain and comfort us in our childhood. They are still precious to us. The simplicity of its story telling technique and the preaching of customary practice of good ethics in society is unique. It appears to be a medium of education to induct a nice moral conduct to make the life luminous.

The Crane and the Mongoose

There was a big lake in a jungle. A large banyan tree was there beside the lake. A crane was the inhabitant of the tree. There lived a black serpent in a crevice underneath the same tree. The serpent enjoyed the eating of young and delicate cranes day after day. One such crane was sitting beside the lake and was lamenting on the loss of his dear kids to the serpent’s desires and was thinking of ways to finish the serpent for ever.

Finding the crane lamenting, a crab approached him with courage and said ‘Uncle, why are you crying?’ The crane replied,”I am very unfortunate as my milk-feeding infants are killed by the serpent before they can develop their wings. That is why I am shedding tears. Now, tell me if there is any way out or not.” Hearing this from the crane, the crab thought of the crane seriously. He could see that the crane was their enemy because they were the ones who seized and ate away our little ones. Now this is our turn to show the crane our real merit. After some time the crab replied,” I will tell you a way out of this peril. Look at the big tree there. A mongoose lives in a hole under the tree. Catch some fish from the lake and sprinkle them over the hole. Then you will see the result.”

Having received this advice, the crane acted accordingly without thinking the pros and cons of the advice and started sprinkling a huge quantity of fish right from the hole of the serpent to the hole of the mongoose.

The mongoose approached the hole, where the serpent lived while eating away the fish from its own hole and thereby killed the serpent. The cranes shouted all at a time in sheer pleasure to find the serpent getting killed by the mongoose. Hearing the shrill sound of the cranes, the mongoose came back and went up the banyan tree and started devouring the younger cranes one by one. The elderly cranes once again lamented with a sense of deepest repentance.

The sayings tell that when something is to be done, both negative and positive must be thought about.
Published: 2008-12-27
Author: Birendra Mohan Bhattacharjee

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