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Decent Childhood Stories.

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Decent Childhood Stories.

These are the stories which helped us to grow. Stories that were told by elderly women folk to entertain and comfort us in our childhood days. They are still precious to us. The simplicity of its story telling technique and preaching of the customary practice of good ethics in society is unique. They help to practice a nice moral conduct in life to make the future luminous.

The Story of a Sly Fox

There was a sly fox. He was the inhabitant of a hole in a jungle nearby the town. One day, in search of food, he entered the town where a bunch of dogs hounded him. The fox being utterly dismayed by the suddenness of the situation crashed into a washer man’s workplace and fell into a tub full of liquid indigo. The fox turned into a peculiar blue animal and that is why the dogs’ could not recognize him and left the place.

The said fox went back to his native place and found that other members of his own community were also afraid of him and even the king of the jungle, the lion was also appeared to be so. This attitude of others made the fox very happy and then he said “Do not be afraid of me. I am your king. I’ve just arrived from heaven. The god has created me himself and advised me to come here because you do not have anyone to rule.”
All the other animals lied prostrate at his feet and replied with devotion,” Great king, we are your downright obedient progeny, please be kind enough to protect us.”

The Blue fox became the emperor and lived happily. Bigger animals fetched him gifts to satisfy their new emperor. The emperor became arrogant day by day. He could not recognize his old mates and maintained distance. Time passed by. One evening, the citizens sat with folded hands in front of their king, somewhere from the distant place foxes started yelping, which the great king could listen to.

There is a saying that one’s nature does not change even at one’s death. Likewise, the fox forgot his posture of a pretender to hear the yelping of fellow members of his race and joined them in the chorus.
Published: 2008-12-26
Author: Birendra Mohan Bhattacharjee

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