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Why did it happen? How can anybody behave so arrongantly? Aern’t they scared that God might punish them? Meenu was thinking as she sitting alone in her office.

It was lunch time and everybody had gone out for lunch. Meenu usually carried a dabba so she did not have to go out for lunch. She, infact, loved this hour in office, as she usually would be alone which gave her ample time for thinking. Today she had been disturbed since morning as there had been a hugh fight between her and her mother on that morning. It had been really a petty issue blown out of proportion.

Meenu had woken up at her usual time at 7.00 am. She completed her daily chores and was getting ready for her office, when her mother asked her sister to fold the bed and tauntingly informed her that noone will sit on the bed tommorow. This angered Meenu as she understood that this taunt was meant for her.This ensued a bitter fight between the two which turned really ugly after some time. Now as she sat in her office, Meenu could not take her mind off the morning’s events. Why did this all happen to her only. Why did fate disappoint her again and again. Why did it always compel her to suppress her wishes and cater to other people’s whims and fancies.

Meenu had always had difference of opinion with her parents. She could not bear the fact that her parents did not opinion of their own in any matter. They would always go by what their relatives told them. They were just like puppets, who would dance to others tunes without thinking how much it hurt their three daughters. Each and every decision of their life was taken by their parents only to please their ‘chachas and mamas’. It didn’t matter if that decision of their parents ruined their lives. Only their relatives had to be kept happy bas!

Nowadays, Meenu’s parents were looking for a groom for Meenu.As always, Meenu’s parents were looking for a boy whom their relatives would like. It did’nt matter whether Meenu like him or not! ‘What did Meenu understand anyway? She is not mature enough to take such decisions’ thought her parents and it was this which hurt Meenu the most.

Her parents always took her for granted. They thought their daughter was immature, did not anything and would only act smart, especially Meenu’s mother was of the opinion.

Meenu could not understand what problem her mother had with her. She would always humilate Meenu infront of anybody and even try to convince her father , sister and other relatives of Meenu’s incapabilities.This would usually result in Meenu being forced to do things she didn’t want to. But this time, Meenu had decided. Enough is Enough! Her mother had played enough games with her life. Not any more. Time had come for her to take her life in her hands.

This time she would not allow anyone to dictate terms to her. It was her life and She Would live it HER WAY.
Published: 2006-08-12
Author: shubhangi bidwe

About the author or the publisher
Hi, My name is shubhangi and I love to write up. Writing Scripts is my forte and I dream of becoming a well-known script writer or a dramatist one day

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