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Decoration tips for living rooms with flowers, crystals,lamps

decoration, living room, flowers, lamps, crystals,shells, figurines

As we take great pains to select the right furniture, furnishings, floorings and curtains in our drawing rooms, we often neglect the corners-- the nooks and crannies. But tasteful and innovative use of articles could liven up your rooms, reflecting the owner's personality.

Lamps are the most preferred accessory for the drawing room corners-- both table lamps and pedestals. Lamps could either be of same design and colour in a room or of different types to give it a warm touch.

Lampshades could either be of plain solid colours or a printed or embroidered one to match your upholstry. To lend a sophisticated look to the room, you can go for stained glass (Tiffany) or etched glass shades. Besides adding class to your drawing room, their shodow will form elaborate pattern, creating an ethereal world.

Also you can experiment with the lamp base... they can be of brass, clay, cane, wood or wherever your imagination takes you....

Flowers are another favourites. Their colour and smell never miss to lift ones spirits and instantly liven up the room. Long flowers can be decoarted in a vase while small ones can be put in a bowl of water along with floating candles to make it inviting for your guests. Besides, you will also get artificial flowers of different varities and hues which you can put in different shaped vases.

Do collect or buy shells of different shapes, sizes and colours during your holidays to beaches. Shells will give some rustic look to your room. Big ones can sit on your side table or on a tray while small shells can be decorated in a bowl or a plate.

Crystal, glass and ceramic figurines add a touch of class to any room. With proper lighting and decoration, crystals and glss will sparkle, adding a festive look to your room. Large figurines can be placed one on each side table while small crystal or ceramic pieces can be grouped together. You can also collect them as per a theme like butterflies, shells, birds, flowers etc. But since glass and crystal are fragile, do keep them out of the reach of children. What about a crystal chandelier?

Interesting prints, mirrors, and souvenirs can also be mounted on a corner wall for an appealing decor as living rooms.

Plants are an all time favourites as they bring the nature inside. However, flowering plants may not be suitable for this as most of them need constant sunlight. So go for ones with decorative leaves. But do not forget to sun them at regular intervals. Artificial plants, however, need less maintenance and look equally great.

There are no rules for decoration. Each corner becomes unique with the owner's special touch.. So dust away the cobwebs from the crannies and create special corners in your room to uplift your mood and glow with the appreciation of your guests.
Published: 2006-08-30
Author: Mohua Chakraborty

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I am in the profession of editing news and feature articles. Interested in writing, singing, and interior designing. I am passionate about myriad design forms--textile, jewellery, font etc.

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