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Delicate and High-quality Chess Set from Made in

chess sets

The delicate and high-quality chess set means much

Millions of people play chess for amusement in their spare time in the world. As we all know, the chess playing not only provides recreation but also improves the friendship between the players. Chess fans want to have delicate chess sets when they enjoy the recreation of chess playing. Delicate chess set could urge the chess fans to play chess as soon as they have free time. And high-quality chess set could accompany the player’s life and give him good memories at the old age.
Made in china can supply customers with the delicate and high-quality chess set.

Made in china provides the customers with delicate and high-quality chess sets including wooden chess set and crystal chess set. The pieces of both of the chess sets are made with good detail in the design. The wooden and crystal chess set pass stringent control measures.
The wooden chess set measures 17.25 cm by 34.5 cm and has quality in fold-up case that doubles as a board. The fold-up quality provides easy storage and convenient portability for its owner. The pieces, which can be stored readily inside the board to prevent loss or damage, are delicately detailed with rich wood tones and a high gloss finish. The wooden chess set has a traditional black-and-white board whose edge is painted with red. The wooden chess set looks wonderful and can provide years of amusement and fun.

Except the common wooden chess set, Made in china also provides the customers exquisite crystal chess set. The delicate crystal chess set, whose pictures is shown in the picture , is the first choice for chess fans who really want to play with something truly different. The crystal chess set is also a must-have for chess collectors. The crystal chessman is made of high-quality crystal and the diameter of its base is 2.1 cm. The highest chess piece is 5.8 cm high. The chessmen could be stored in a exquisite carton whose glass cover is also a board. The glass board is designed with great fancy. If the chess pieces are placed on the glass board, the pieces could be reflected by the glass. The sparkle of the crystal chessmen will give the players a kind of experience that common chess pieces such as wooden pieces and marble chess pieces could not provide to the players. The wonderfully weighted pieces of the crystal chess set feel fantastic in the players’ hands and make the crystal texture even more enjoyable. Its shinny state can last for a long time by simply rubbing the pieces with dry cloth. The crystal chess set will not only make a beautiful addition to any decor but also provide years of chess playing fun.

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Published: 2008-04-11
Author: jackji

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