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Democracy and its challenge in Nigeria

democracy and Nigeria

To look into the challenges of democracy is to look into our future. Democracy is facing very big challenges in Nigeria. As an African decent I understand the extent this challenge has easten Nigeria deep and what is expected of youths to do. Youths are the eyes of the world. They are to take the lead if those leading are found deficient or incapable. It is nor exaggeration that this challenge is suppressing democracy to meet up with what it is known today ‘as the government of the people by the people and for the people’.However, the major problems facing democracy in Nigeria is their failure to develop a general conception of equality of mankind. Liberal or constitutional democracy as one of the types of democracy, powers of the majority is exercised within a framework of constitutional restraint to guarantee the minority in the enjoyment of certain individual or collective right.

This type of constitution tends to be obscure. It is not practiced in Nigeria. Democracy preserve the rule of law, promote equality of persons, protection of their possessions and their fundamental human right, the rule of law is one of the fundamental principles of every constitution of the nations of the world but in application there is slight difference from that of my country. Equality before the law hold the view that all men are equal before the laws of the land, this means that no one is above the laws of the land and the law is not a respecter of persons. It should not be bent to favour any person whether rich or poor, young or old, king or servant, literate or illiterate. The principle therefore states that all citizens of a country should enjoy equal access to law facilities, equal right to fair hearing, legal advice in the court of law, etc. the principle of rule of law assumes the notion of legality which means the process of law in dealing with offers.

This is today, no one should be made to suffer any penalty of loss of personal liberty or punished in any way unless found guilty of breaking the law of the land which however, be established in the ordinary court. In Nigeria prisons today, many are left without being tried and the little tried end up meeting injustice as a result of not having full access to certified legal men. Annually, thousand of these prisoners die as a result of poor feedings, per weather condition, inadequate toilet facilities and hard labour. These one die without traces of their mistakes. Nigeria as a nation has not started using the word ‘accused’ but guilty even without courts are in most cases not presided over by a free, fair and important judge. In Nigeria one is arrested without being told of his offence, or legally detailed for a long period without being charged to court. These detained ones is not entitles to defend himself with the assistance of a lawyer and most times they are tried in a different court. They have not started walking in the principle of impartiality, to protect and ensure the liberties of citizen of the citizen.

More so, no one can say for sure why violation of human right ir working in Nigeria. But illiteracy on the part of citizens is contributing to these. Ignorance and poverty. These above three greatest enemies if man do not allow citizens of a country to know and fight for their right especially when they are infringed upon. Nigeria police seek to intimidate people juts because many are illiterates, likeminded and cowards. They seek to beat hell put of any who ails to bribe them. They arrest, detain and brutalized citizens for more accusation and would force one to admit that any words raised by him is accountable to him or answerable not in law court but in police station.

These act neglects the rule of law that says that an accused persons should be assumed innocent until a court of law presided over it. Poor ones suffers these brunt just because of the economic position of us as a developing country line ours.Deliberately in Nigeria Government enact laws that empower government officials but especially the head of state to arrest and detain citizens without trial and this limit the application of the rule of law. Most times they derive joy in disconnecting people life simply because they held themselves to high esteem. Many Nigerian citizen forefeet their property without compensation. In Nigeria wharf goods worth of billions are set ablaze monthly and owners are being detained just for their non-compliance with government rule. It is painful to see what has been happening to democratic sector of Nigeria. Nigeria is said to be a praiter of democracy, but they are far from that.

It is better to be mute to their system of government than expressing your opinion and die at the process. Nigeria was ousted from common wealth of the nation because they could not recant their violation of fundamental human right. Were do one start to expose Nigeria’s violation of human right, time and space will not permit me. Educationally, socially, physically, materially, emotionally and democratically Nigeria has a long way to go to meet their challenges of democracy. But all hope is not lost. Change is constant. There may be changes, if some strategies are implemented by all concerned. Youths across the globe have a role to play in correcting this deadly disease. Let’s bygone be bygone. Future should be faced with hope and help from these youths. Good number of them are active and promising at least to safe-keep the fundamental human right, helping in tidying this earth and making it a better place to stay and home for all. Earth is their home and home for our children and grand children.

Any step taken by these youths will reflect global even in fears to come. Youth’s organization should be formed in circuit so as to accommodate many of them who frown at the violation of fundamental human right. These youths may come from developing countries to aspire for president so as to bring to level those from those developing countries. Youths should seek to near stakeholders who should provide them with funds to run this organization.Organizing seminars and conferences will go a long way to awaken an idle mind. They should seek to co-operate and hold to one view and ideology. Discriminating based on age, sex, location, tribe and ethnicity will be a stumbling block to these match.Youths should seek to be human right activist, by educating people on their right, paying courtesy call or peacefully match protest to the head of states or to any concerned who is bent in violating human right. Youth should look into their future to know what they will contribute during their bloom.

Those is academic field should likewise mobilize themselves to read courses that will help them to fight for human right. Human right activist are needed in youths organization. Youth should educate people on their right as we are eating the millennium deep.Finally, youths are now in the position to put an end to this challenges. Being the nations midfielder, they must be up and doing and this they must do.
Published: 2008-08-23
Author: emmanuel ugokwe

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