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Desire and Lifestyle affect Health

desire, lifestyle, health

You receive a call from your niece telling you that her mother was hospitalized last night. This is not the first time your sister is having a heart attack and she is very fortunate for not experiencing heart failure.

Your sister is much better off in term of quality of life. She is a fashion designer while her husband is has been working as an international pilot for so many years. She talks, wears, and eats whatever she wishes.

This is the third time she is being taken care of in the hospital. She experiences angina and irregular heart beat almost every time after taking super large meal. She just does not seem to care much of the consequences.

Each time you visit her, she shares with you about her daily life activities. She goes to work, meets prospective, attends seminars, chats with old friends in bars, cross check latest design done by her committed designers, returns home, and always falls asleep without having a bath.

She sleeps more than ten hours per day for as a sole owner of a successful entrepreneurship she does not have to be early for the office as everything is well taken care of by her employees. What she needs to do is manage the business.

The above scenario does not represent the lifestyle of the well-off individuals as a whole. It is just an example how one’s desire control his life. In fact, similar scenario that has to do with desires occurs in all social strata.

Most people know even to those not really educated what will happen to their health if they indulge themselves with so-called bad lifestyles. They know that eating patterns, general attitude, surrounding affect physical, emotional and spiritual health. In reality, they practice the contrary. They do whatever they desire until one day they end up hospitalized for being having a chronic disease.

Desire is what now really governs their life. Do you need to turn off your desire? You don’t have to. What you need to do is to understand why certain desire develops in you. From there, you may start conditioning the existing desire so that you can suit yourself in an old environment with new perspective and attitude.

Living up healthy life is not about not getting sick. It is about how we shape it today with specific goal, what we need to do in order to achieve the set goal, how to control the necessary and unnecessary parameters that affects the goal. All these elements is one of the many basic methods or ingredients to equilibrate your physical, mind, emotional, and spiritual health.
Published: 2008-12-15
Author: Bahrin Samah, RH (AHG)

About the author or the publisher
S. Bahrain, RH (AHG)is a professional herbalist working as a holistic nutrition consultant. Being a consultant, columnist and writer he always expands his knowledge by reading books and journals on biochemistry, medicine, nutrition, cardiovascular, aging, free radicals, and lipids among others. He is a professional member of The American Herbalists Guild, USA. Visit his blog at HOLISTIC HEALTH AVENUE,

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