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Diamonds are for Eve

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In this beautiful world, diamond plays an important role for all the women's of this beautiful world. This precious stone is such a material, which excite all genres of women and of different class (Rich, Middle class or Upper middle class). Diamond is such a stone, that come handy in all occasion, and females need some excuse to grab the opportunity to wear them.

In leading fashion week ˜collection" many renowned jewelry designers gather to showcase their talent to the masses. Jewelry of different design and style is exhibited and models fire the ramp with their style and luring "jewelry" with diamonds glitter the surroundings with its spark.

In all of the known jewelry fashion show, we can find jewelry designer get maximum customer for their respected products as soon as the model walks on ramp. But we can see that the new designer have to struggle a bit, if the new designer had some good contacts and very close and good friends from celebrity circle, than his/her work get noticed.

Africa is the continent, where we can find abundant raw "diamond" deposit. Many labour get into the mine, and after doing many hard work, they get this raw material, till all mines are filled with raw material, the miners are very much dependent on this, as their family is on their shoulder to maintain.

This raw material is taken to factory for polishing purpose and given an appropriate and attractive shape, according to its shine and appearance. We can say South Africa is one of the leading producers of diamond. African countries, like Botswana, Namibia are good in polishing diamonds.

In India, Surat is one of the main cities, which is famous for diamond and it is also known as diamond city of India. The Diamond city of India is daily exporting and importing diamonds in billions of dollar. The business is flourishing in very big way.

Many businessmen come here to do business, and they do good business. Recently, we have found out many European countries are also taking great interest in Surat, This particular city is ranked, ahead of many past/present big diamond players.

From old times, diamond is considered one of the passionate item, those who could posses it, were rich and famous by good or bad publicity, and there is some Myth behind diamond possessing and some diamonds to be considered cursed or blessed, and many old story revolts around the world, stating some of the bad and good experience by possessing the gems/diamonds. We always attach some kind of myth or story with all type of precious stone and possessions, which belongs to us.

Not only women, but even men go mad behind these wonderful precious stone. In this generation men like to wear diamond rings, piercing their tongue, and wear it with gold, sliver and platinum chain. We can find that, wearing chain is becoming instant famous among the guys of this generation, not only in West but East is also following the suit.

Diamond trade is on all time peaks, and its appearance in all over the corner of the world is creating brilliant results of export and import sector. Export/Import of diamond is on high, mostly all the countries are doing good business in diamond trading business (Export/Import). Many of the leading exporter and importer of diamond have signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for trade purpose.

We can find variety of precious stone of various sizes, weight and purity in world. In this world, many of them must have heard of KOHINOOR diamond, which is consider one of the most precious diamond in this world, KOHINOOR was in North India, before Britishers took it to England for their King & Queen, the diamond was cut into two pieces and was placed on the crown of them.

Now we can find it in museum, but when Queen & King use to possess it on her crown, they use to feel pride and feel the pride of being powerful.

The Diamond rings are in great demand from time to time, generations to generations. Rings are very much in use in the time of engagement or during the marriage time. In every culture or any part, during the time of marriage, birth, or even death: the diamonds and jewelry take an important place.

India is mainly famous for polishing & marketing of diamonds. The mining countries (Botswana, Congo, South Africa etc) source the raw material to India for further process.

But now, the situation is going to change in very different way. The mining countries are planning to polish and market the raw material, which could be very bad for the countries like India. India may loose many jobs (who polish the raw stone). In the western part of India, many people are engage in lakhs in the business of polishing diamonds.
Published: 2007-01-03
Author: Dhanraj Chakraborty

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I am content writer/editor. Dhanraj Chakraborty

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