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Discover Nature

discover nature

A lovely day for outdoor activity. If you are camping or staying in a cabin, you can explore the wild in a safe environment.

There is always, an interesting time for outdoors, or a camping trip. Be organised, have a well-lit torch, so you can see wild life at night. The owls, hooting, bats catching their prey by the light which attracts the insects, so that the cycle can move on. The wolf, fox, hedgehogs, or rodents, are mostly out at night and all this allows you to discover nature.

A moon lit sky, and to listen to night life is an intriguing moment. Make sure you don't get bitten by rodents or any other animal at night, it could be rabid.
When you are out in the wild to discover nature, wear boots to knee high, what if a snake tries to bite you, or you step on a scorpion, a centipede, or even spider.

By protecting yourself, from being attacked you will enjoy the beauty of all nature around you, at night or in day light.

Discover nature in the day if you like, listen to birds singing, you will notice colours of birds, see the lovely butterflies, different beetles, dragon-flies too. A world of nature at your doorstep, you are free-minded when around nature.
Published: 2009-10-31
Author: Devika Primic

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I am South African, I am married to a Croatian and have a son of 16. We are now living in Croatia for 7 years. I have recently published my first book and is for sale on at $12,95.

I am currently registered with Triond submitting articles. Also, I have my articles on Bukisa, and several others.
I enjyoy writing, but, I would also like to earn from my writing.

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