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Ditched Prince Rescued, Hats Off to Indian Army, Media

Prince, Indian Army, media, boy, lad

Gujarat Quake, J&K havoc, Tsunami… during these testing times India has been blamed of showing a long face as far as the disaster management is concerned. But this time they did it for Prince, a young 5-year-old boy from Kurukshetra.

The boy trapped in a pit, for more than two days was rescued on his birthday---July 23---by army soldiers in a drama that gripped the nation. Hats off to the Indian Army!! And of course for media for necessary intervention that made us realize that how precious every life is. Zee News not only threw its camera into the ditch to comfirm that Prince is okay, but also sponsored his education. Rest of the media community came up with full support by interrupting their regular schedule and keeping a horse view focus on the lad in trouble.

On the day of his birthday, probably it was a new lease of life for Prince. I was traveling from Delhi to my hometown---Chandigarh for weekend retreat when on way at Krukshetra around 10.30 pm we faced a traffic jam. There was a mass gathering. Totally unaware of the crisis (as I straightaway started for office), for me it was a usual political rally or some Swamijis pravachan (address). On steeping into the house, I was zapped as none of my family reacted with usual warmth, very unlike other weekly reunions… Something was wrong… On enquiring---“What’s the matter?” With a stare asking blatantly if I am coming from Mars, Dad rejoined, “Poor Prince is still in that one foot circumferenced by 60-feet deep ditch. How can they leave such a dangerous ditch just covered with a gunny bag. How foolish!!! Even police has given up. But look at these soldiers, dear. By tomorrow morning he is expected to be out safe and sound!” I couldn’t believe what he said and joined my peers in the TV lobby until next evening.

What’s came to light as shear negligence of the authorities a that made a little kiddo who was busy playing in the verandah landed into a big time trouble. Police gave up… panchayat gave up… but our jawans didn’t bat an eyelid, remaining up! awake! and alert for 50 hours at a stretch, struggling to save the kid with exceptional will power or as they say it unaware of the gravity of the problem.

Not only the nation joined hands, remained glued to the television sets, and prayed together be it Hindus, Muslims, Christains, Parses, or Sikhs but also the international community, especially Holland, joined in for this little lad who had a narrow escape.
Published: 2006-07-31
Author: Bhupinder Kohli

About the author or the publisher
•As feature writer with ‘The Times of India,’ handling special feature pages on property, personal finance and travel.
•Headed the team of ‘Times Newspaper In Education,’ the school edition of The Times of India, Chandigarh(2003-04).
•Worked as the editor-in-chief of ‘Page Three People’, a magazine focusing on socialites in Chandigarh.(2004-05).
•Freelancer with ‘Life Colours’ magazine and ‘’(2003)

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