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Do or Die !!! It's time to Go Digital All the way !! Printing the Printing Revolution...

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Do or Die: It ‘s time to Go Digital all the way !!!!!!!!!
Printing the Printing Revolution through On line WEB BASED facilities:

The dynamic printing industry is in a phase of transition facing a great change up to a new digital domain

Copy and Print On line :
A month Ago ............
the world's largest office products company, Staples, launched a new `Copy and Print Online' service in the United States.

By using this advanced technology ,Customers can now use the Web-based facility to create a document, Flier , brochure, business card, invitation , catalogue etc This can be saved in PDF file and e-mail it to the company.

Here, the Professional designers will re-do the job in a systematic manner and send proof copies back to the customer by return mail.

If the design is accepted , the required ( MOQ) quantity ordered and a credit card payment approved and in order , the matter is printed and shipped by courier to reach the customer immediately .

This is nothing but a Web-based and Web Supported job printing in action.

It is executed by a digital print management server called `Fiery' and a software tool called `Digital Store Front' —
both are floated by EFI, a California-based US global leader in the growing and emerging niche of printing world of business.

Own and Indigenous efforts - Indian Cratsmenship:

Large parts of the Fiery server and almost the whole of the Store Front software, were crafted by Indian engineers at EFI's Bangalore-based development centre.

From Analog domain to a Digital Domain :
In a change almost as important as the transition from manual to automated typesetting and from flat bed to offset printing process, this printing industry is today in the threshold of a profound and fundamental change from an analogue domain to a digital domain.

The IPEX 2006, the global showcase of the printing business, which concluded in Birmingham, U.K., on April 11, was an impressive measuring instrument to gauge the change within industry:

Along with the big names of offset printing — like Heidelberg — were dozens of new players: Xerox,
Hewlett Packard,
Konica... brands which till recently were better known for their computer-related consumer products, of which printers were playing a small part , but exhibiting a vital role as they are the Aesthetic carriers of communication.

Now they were hunting for attention with a new premise:

It is time to go digital all the way!

Hardcore analogue-era printer players too, were stressed to highlight offerings which allowed corporate customers to have their two in one advantage - cake and eat it too — to continue profitably operating legacy offset machinery, even while accepting the irrefutable advantages in adjusting to a digital work flow regime.

Off set printing – Still aligned for its own works:
The market today sees a clear grouping: For large print runs — like newspapers and multi million copy paper-backed books — offset still made the best choice.

Digital printers too has its own cake:
For smaller print runs, even high quality color work, digital printers had to be seriously considered.

Matchless in real sense:
And this was across the full game of applications: book and magazine format publications are now served by high speed machines which scan, print, cut and scroll bind all at one go — with one master piece , that no conventional offset technology can ever hope to equate or prove.

Variable Data printing : VDP
It is called VDP or Variable Data Printing.


This is a technology that links or connects print engines to databases that contain customized DOCUMENT content.

Small magazines
It allows a small or medium-run magazine to print advertisements localized to the mailing address of every subscriber — and thanks to the speed of digital systems this can be done at near-offset printing speeds!!! ( and also velocity)

Server based solutions:
Digital print process management can be compared even when the actual printer is not a digital machine:

Work flow tools like Fiery are available from third party suppliers like EFI, who offer server-based solutions that promise to computerize the complete sequence of processes from pre-press to printing to post-press using emerging industry standards like JDF or Job Definition Format, coupled with Quality Management systems like ISO 9001 - 2000 ETC , which simplifies information exchange among multiple graphic applications, and have the added GAIN of being Web-enabled (this is because JDF is based on extensible Markup Language (XML), the rule book of the Web page).

Embedded Work flow monitoring features :

Fiery is also licensed by many new generation and Latest digital printer makers like Xerox, HP, Canon and others who embed the workflow monitoring features into their hardware and make it an All in one capsule to the printing problems..

Many of these new - generation printer players are also venturing into the ultra large format printing business. Scitex and Vutek are two of the biggest names in this niche where high-quality inkjet processes are offering a quality and versatility that was invariably unavailable.

Reinventing themselves in to DIGITAL GRAPHIC PARTNERS :

Future of printers:
Future printers cannot be just print providers; they will have to burn their mid night oil and reinvent themselves as digital graphics partners of their customers, interacting and contemplating besides complimenting at every stage of the process from the routine to the creative; collaborating everywhere in the work flow and process management and jointly creating the end product — a striking piece of highway signage, a glossy marketing tool where every one of the 50,000 copies is different from the other — or a rare printed book for which there is just one discerning customer.

There is an indicative sign along this path : go digital — or die.

CONCLUSION: If the age old Offset printers do not offset their old thoughts , the latest inventions and printing innovations will eat away their business.

Write off !!
Business men have to WRITE OFF their old technology machines and start
a fresh game with rejuvenated spirits.


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Published: 2006-04-17
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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