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Do you believe in an Afterlife?

relationships, memory, history, beginning

Do you think this is all there is or do you believe in an afterlife.

I feel we are on a trip we are going somewhere, but I have given up trying to understand or discover it. I just put myself in the hands of that of the power, or that light and try to float and let myself be taken and give up control to go where ever we are going. I feel the absurdity of nothingness proves there is something.

It was only when man was capable of dissecting a corpse and knowing the whole internal mechanism and relationships that we began to understand that there is a system which makes it work. An earth has existed since the beginning of history, from the beginning of memory, whether it be the memory of those who loved that which existed. Because it exists also in others and all those I have loved suppose that I will continue to exist in those who have loved, met in the works that I have made.

A Buddhist would believe that a human being may take on the being of a lower person. You are born in the next life, is not dependant on your present body. The seed of life and the seed alone, however is not sufficient it must interact with soil and water. Basically it is very clear, the main material of our physical body comes from our parents, but our mind and our self does not.

Some people think after this life we must expect something that rewards our good behavior as well as something that punishes our sins. These questions to some people are very private. Some people believe there is another world when you die, others say they love the idea of hell as a flame that will burn away. We believe in eternity out of fear that all this acquisition of knowledge is there for no reason at all. It all seems a terrible waste, terrified by the idea of immorality. Where does it all lead too. In order to understand a life you have to have a beginning and a end. To me death seems to be an unfrightening prospect and whether life is eternal or not.
Published: 2008-04-26
Author: Barbara Haynes

About the author or the publisher
I am 55yrs old, mother of two wonderful girls, now days I am picking up writing and reading after many years of being on the side lines with illness. I have only been a computer owner for 18 months. Since my daughters married I have been trying to re-educate myself with my computer it has been hard work but I am enjoying myself especially looking up subects and doing research for myself. I also love my dogs 2 small chihuaha xbreed dogs.

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