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Do you Survive or Advance?

Self help, attitude, couching

Have you ever having conversation with your own self that What should i really do? What is my purpose of life? As a human, every man has the power of success. This is why you will get upset when you feel lifeless. A lot of people have always have the question to themselves that, "What am I doing right Now?" "Am i like it? The simple reflection from the law of universe is, when you are feeling happy and joy, that's mean you are on course with the current of the universe, however, you get yourself upset and depress, it reflects that something you are doing is on the opposite way that what you want.

At the first time to listen to this, you might get a bit familiar. Take a look on the watch that you are wearing, when you get this watch, What feeling you had had? When man getting to something that they like, they can easily to get in the advancing mode. Again, every human are seeking for success. This desire arises from the origin of ourselves to be in advance.

People work hard for the goals that they want, eg luxury handbag, fancy car, premier services. When you get something better than your existing possession, you will feel grateful and energetic. This is because you are on course with the current of Universe. However, if what you are doing right now is you are try your best to get survive, it shows that you are get into the Survival mode. The differences between Survival Mode versus Advancing Mode is "doing the thing to please people around you" versus "doing the thing to please yourself". Of course, you will get more energetic while you are getting into the second point.

Therefore, man always judge themselves that what is reason that they can't get what they want even though they have put in their most efforts. Be honest to yourself that, "are you feeling happy to do this task?", "Enjoy or force to do?". Remember, you have a choice to do what you want to do. Man is not obliged to do something that they don't like. There is plenty of opportunity is available around you. No matter you are an income earner, employer, factory worker or cleaner. You can make a choice to do what you want just start by now. There is no best time but NOW. Knowing to act now is the critical point for you to step into the advancing mode.
Published: 2008-12-18
Author: Alice W.K.Hoo

About the author or the publisher
Alice W.K.Hoo is a professional writer, author and speaker in the field of self-help and inspiration couching. She graduated from the degree of Marketing, and further her study on the field of self help philosphy. After her number of years on life couching, she has written different point of views on self-help, body, mind, and soul articles, messages, and quotes. She truely believe human being is a great force to determine what result that they could have.

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