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Does Make up really makes you wake up?

make up


As soft as silk, as fresh as rose petals- as beautiful as an Apsara-landed from heaven on earth, Poets and Writers piercing the essence of women have gone into ruptures while transcending the beauty in the lines. Reflecting in the past and contemporary Society, ages daunted in us the imperishable image of women being the most beautiful which is the essence of womanhood. Her appealing eyes, her dignity and nobleness has exhorted in their vintage from the Devtas to the Kings and From Knights to the Labourers.

Since ages, beauty has been prerequisite of women, her dignity, her appeal: “Charming Cinderella”, in search of Prince Charming. With her charms, she has lured the Emperors to her feet and got Political mileage. And of course, this was all done with the help of Make-up Historic evidence reveals that there was an intense desire for personal culture and body care. They stores beauty aids in exquisitely designed boxes and containers.

The time came when looking beautiful was an asset for nuptial knot but as the time changes, women realized that Marriage is not a final destination for looking beautiful but to be a “Face in the Crowd” is essential to but how can they do it? As women go out and work and obviously they loose all the charm dust, pollution and tension ridden life. This they do it by using make-up. Make–up works as magic for the face. Right make-up and on right occasion improves the appearance and self –confidence to a considerable degree.

Make up is more a way of expressing yourself, enhancing your physical assets and improving your drawbacks. But on the other hand beauty does not arrive by just applying make-up. Make-up only improves upon the darker side of the face, but beauty lies within you. Beauty without brains is meaningless. It is also a question of “looking beautiful and looking Naturally beautiful. These cosmetics are only designed to make you beautiful but not naturally beautiful. Naturally beautiful is all about life styles. Not like Society Wannabes look at it but it is about doing right things. It is about being comfortable with one’s body, with gaining health and vitality and it is all about knowledge that I am beautiful. .

Even in the beauty contests title is conferred upon those who have both beauty and brains. Thus, beauty along with the intelligence is a must to be Crowned Miss Universe. Make up improves the personality and motivate you to face the world. Thus, it is quite true that applying make-up is the “Way of the World” because “She” is a women of the world.
Published: 2006-12-23
Author: Suneet Kaur

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I am freelance writer and writing for websites. I also would like to contribute for your organization.

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