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Dominance of a black power


The black power brought poverty,believe me when I say this.I am black and I live in Africa.I remember people mobilzing us to take part in the struggle,promising and telling us that all will be better once a black man is incharge.We were at the fore front when Hector Peterson was shoot but all of that was just a lie.What those so called politician did was to empower themselves.Today in South Africa politicians are power hungry,they are fighting for power.

South African is Uganda during the era of Amini.The president Jacob Zuma is only appointing friends and forgets about those who were part of the struggle.I am speaking about those souls who wasted money studing because the president is using power to appoint people.
Black power is poverty to those who do not benefit from it.Every African state is affected by the effects of a black power.

They told us black power will be doing things in an African way but I am not surprise to learn that black power is poverty.
Many Africans are struggling from black power,these leader that Africa have are not educated and they do it for themselves.They were togather when we were fighting the white power and today they are fighting togather over black power.What is black power? if black Power that we were fighting for is fighten over.Africa will exist only if Afreeca exist,with mix leadership not black power.I am judging from what is happening in my country and in other African states.
Published: 2009-10-02
Author: andile beya

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i am young and still growing and i am ready write,i am still studing journalism and one day,i wish will be a good writer like THOMAS L FRIEDMAN

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