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DPS (PERSONAL DICTIONARY OF DREAMS) - The meaning of the dreams in our lives

dreams - PERSONAL DICTIONARY = symbolic - brain

    DPS (PERSONAL DICTIONARY OF DREAMS) - The meaning of the dreams in our lives –

The dreams are full of meaning in relation to the daily life of who dreams! The dreams are the world that we created while we slept. It is known that every night the man dreams, have him memories of this or not. It consists of the dreams our accomplished desires and frustrated, which can appear in forms exact, unequivocal; and another that appear us in way enigmatic, symbolic.

I believe that we didn't owe, never, to despise the speech (symbolic or not) of our dreams, because there are in those speeches messages that should be understood, problems that should be solved or accomplishments that claim celebrations!

Not that anybody should be to turn a fanatic for dream subjects, not: every exaggeration should be avoided. But never nobody will be sorry for having given a special attention to your dreams. When the dream is clear, of easy understanding, there is not because to be alarmed with relationship to your meaning; in another way, when he comes in a symbolic way, then it is necessary to have patience and to implore to the skies a good intelligence increment for the due interpretation.

Daniel, the famous biblical prophet interpreted symbolic dreams of King from Jerusalem with great category, position that appealed to the Wisdom of Jeová, God of your people. But there is also a quite interesting, practical and useful method for the interpretation of dreams: the personal dictionary of dreams (DPS)! Consists of the following: each interested person in deciphering the enígmas of your dreams should establish the symbolic fixation of each dreamlike image.

When is leaving to a gypsy that reads cards, it is noticed that she established a fixed meaning for each letter that reads. The one that she does is interpretrar the group of information that is to your front and to verbalize the orientations to the consultant!

The one that she does is interpretrar the group of information that is to your front and to verbalize the orientations to the consultant! In the same way, the interested individual in the meaning of what dreamed last night, it should fasten meaning to the details. A black dog was in the dream: what can mean? Now, the dreamer will only know! For me, personal and particularly, it means fatal discussions!

The brain, knowing about this, every time that wants me to alert about the possibility of a discussion in my day , he does with that a black dog enters in the context of the dreamlike history!

When they are doors that open or close, I understand that something will begin or to finish in my life, once I established this in my DPS! If in my dream it is night, then there are obscure situations, of difficult successes; if it is day, then the problems will be resolved; I go to the bathroom and I defecate, with certainty in my day I made great nonsenses! DPS Personal Dictionary of Dreams.

Each person, mine to see, it can (and it owes! ) to have yours! It is enough to do a list, to read it aloud some two or three times and ready: the brain already recorded symbols and meanings (that will be own, different [coincidence to the part] of the mine and of who more your personnel DPS), the brain already recorded and he will work according to the determination. In the more , be happy and. . . good dreams!


Published: 2006-10-15

About the author or the publisher
My name is Adilson Pinto. I am 47 years old. I have 5 published books. I am Therapist Holístico and Journalist.

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