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Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child: An Enchanting & Engaging Game

Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child, 2 Dimensional, Hidden Object Adventure, Game Review, Rating,Enchanting, Engaging

Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child by Playfirst, Inc one of the best hidden object adventure 2 Dimensional (2D) games in the market to date. This game is the third installment of the Dream Chronicles series and also a much awaited game for loyal fans. Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child presents the Art Nouveau artistic style where it belongs: in a fantasy world setting full of magic and enchantment. The beautiful curves and organic influences of this art and architectural style help transport the player into the realm of dreams and fairies.

Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child offers very high quality 2D graphics. So much so that the player will be able to see the grains on the wooden floor planks and walls. The captivating lighting and shadows, including specks of dust flying about realistically by the windows make the graphics standard of this game transcend onto another level. Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child has perhaps the best graphics among similar 2D games. Therefore, the first point is added to the rating for the beautiful and captivating graphics.

Game Play

The game play of the Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child is similar to the Escape Rosecliff Island & The Clockwork Man games as all three are from the Hidden Object Adventure genre. As a very basic comparison, Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child possesses the best graphics and is more intriguing in terms of story line than both the Escape Rosecliff Island & The Clockwork Man.

In this game, the player will play as Brenna, a woman who had a dream in which she has a husband and daughter. Also, in the dream, her daughter disappears thus she is troubled by the occurrence of this dream. This dream greatly influences the story line of the Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child game. The player is given different scenes in which to find objects required to complete a certain task and is also given a handy journal to document Brenna’s progress. The scenes include her bedroom in the beginning, the sewing room, and etc.

Basically, the player will have to click on objects to see what they are and are given surprise scenarios; like a crystal ball mysteriously appearing, creating a circular ring of fire around it and the player must then find a find bottle of water to douse the fire. The player will also be required to go in and out of rooms to find specific items. This aspect of the game play is very dependent on the graphics quality of the game of which Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child has no problems providing. A point is rewarded for the engaging storyline and associated game play.

Innovation & Creativity

Dream pieces add a creative touch to the game as this warrants the player to scan the scenes more carefully and pick up them up. Dream pieces are everywhere; on the floor, walls, and etc to be combine together as the game progresses. One would think that perhaps such an addition of searching for more things is a mundane activity but one should take a look at the 2D graphics of the Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child game first before arriving to that conclusion. The cohesiveness of the game play with the graphics of this game is an innovation itself. Dream pieces add another point to the rating.


Soothing sounds of the flute played in romantic melodies and interesting sound effects enhances the feeling of being in a dreamy escapism. The type of music is very appropriate and relaxing, suitable for playing a laid back, 2D hidden object adventure game like Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child.


This product promises to be visually pleasing, successfully fulfilling the need to stretch the player’s tolerance of revisiting a particular scene in the game over and over again. An engaging storyline and innovative graphics make the Dream Chronicles, The Chosen Child game a worthy buy. This popular hidden object adventure 2D game is priced at $19.95 but one can purchase the game for as low as $9.95 by being a Playpass member. Versions are available to be played on either PC or Mac. A commendable final rating of 3/5 is awarded.
Published: 2009-05-11
Author: Abas Kamal bin Sulaiman

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