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Say No To Drus

From North to West, South to East the so called killer
Is ruling the idle minds
While the clever minds say No! to drugs

Cry the beloved world
Turning to tombstones
People tumble down the streets
Looking for the so called killer
Children desert the schools forgetting their future is there

Cry the beloved kids
Show them the entire filthy, droopy, snoopy and floppy drug abused
Teach the little ones to say No! to drugs
Cry the beloved teens
Born clean and brave minded
Being dragged to the so called killer
They hanging loosely on every corner of the streets
Thinking they enjoying themselves
Not knowing the carpenter is fixing the last screw of their coffin
Say No! to drugs

Cry the beloved parent
Is that your child buying the last packet of drugs?
With that pocket money you gave him
Oh! No! Say No! to drugs

Cry the beloved people
Selling and trafficking the so killer
Can't you see the world is full of clowns and monsters?
Pick a packet of drugs before selling it
Think twice whom are you killing and why should you kill
Remember your grave will be as shallow as vegetable bed
Because you weakening the world with the so called killers
Say No! to drugs
Published: 2007-05-14
Author: Helen N Shabalala

About the author or the publisher
Helen N Shabalala

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