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The internet offers many learning and teaching innovations. These are the various types of e-learning:

Search engines

This is a principle way of learning via the internet. If you're interested in a top, for instance, "container gardening" put the topic in your search engine. Read websites and articles on "container gardening." Take notes.

Online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and books

There are many free online dictionaries, encyclopedias and books.

Free lessons

There are many free lessons in writing, languages, math, music and many other subjects. If you're seeking free lessons or free workshops in various subject areas, put the subject and "free lessons" in your search engine.

E-mail courses & workshops

Some online professionals offer free e-mail courses. Some require a fee. Put "e-mail courses" in your search engine.

Online workshops

There are online workshops in many subjects. Again, some are free, some require a fee. Put "online workshops" in your search engine.

Online Universities & Colleges

There are many online universities & colleges. Again, put "online universities" or "online colleges" in your search engine.

For a magazine on the learning and teaching innovations of e-learning go to:

For sample websites on e-learning:

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