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Earn Cash From Old Stuff

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Garage sales are hot in the United States. In fact, an economic anthropologist made a study and found out that from the 10 million garage sales that take place in a year, a whopping amount of US$4 billion is earned. If that were to happen in the Philippines, it can significantly pay off the country’s debts.

The business of putting on garage sales is so profitable that it has become an industry in itself in the US. Here in the Philippines, garage sales are not quite popular yet but they are gaining grounds among up-scale villages and subdivisions in major cities like Metro Manila. If you’re an enterprising person, you would realize that many well-to-do households carry so many unused yet still usable items which you can sell to other people looking for second-hand stuff. You then act as a “liquidator” and get a percentage of the entire sales. This is a no-brainer and all you need to know are a few merchandising tactics and careful planning.

But you might ask: why would anyone part a portion of their garage sale earnings with me? You may not realize it but there are a lot of people, if not most of them, that simply don’t have the time and energy to set-up a good garage sale. People with valuable garage sale items generally come from the upper class who are busy with their jobs or businesses. You would be actually giving them extra cash for things that they would normally just stash or give away.

Here are some pointers for you to get started.

1) Start with people you know. Go to their homes and make an inventory of the items that the owner would like to sell. Major considerations here are: item condition and original price. Agree on the prices for the items keeping in mind that you want these things disposed off easily but not too cheaply. Let the owner understand that it’s better to sell them cheap than just let them gather dust. But bear in mind though that buyers will haggle so don’t hit rock bottom with the prices.
2) Decide on the percentage that you would be getting from the entire sales. Keep it at the minimum of 20% but not more than half of the gross sales.
3) Choose the venue of the garage sale. Some owners prefer that you hold it at their front yard while some may ask you to find another place like a village clubhouse or the town market. Make queries regarding a permit to hold a garage sale. Make provisions for parking space because buyers may come with their cars.
4) Advertise your garage sales by placing ads on community papers or distributing leaflets in the neighborhood. You can also put up posters or signages that will lead passing motorists to your venue. Again, ask for the needed permits to put up signages in streets. Keep your advertising expenses to a bare minimum. Usually, word of mouth is quite effective. There are also free ads newspapers like Super Ads so you can promote your garage sale.
5) Think of additional ways to earn during the garage sale. Stock up on bottled water as people might want a drink while rummaging through your items. You could also sell biscuits or sandwiches. Purchase paper or plastic bags and sell these too.
6) Organize the garage sale items by putting clearly labeled price tags. Make use of colored paper and felt-tip markers to create eye-catching tags. Use boxes, tables, hangers or collapsible shelves to display the items. Make sure that the items are clean and presentable. Also, do not forget miscellaneous tools like a tape measure because some buyers may want to measure an item first like an old trunk.
7) Create a fun-filled and relaxed garage sale venue. Spruce it up with a banner to announce your garage sale. Unless you have an assistant, it’s always better not to create a cashier’s booth so you can just roam around the area and mingle with buyers. But it’s always good to have an elevated stand where you can have a good view of the entire activity especially if the garage sale would take up a big space.
8) After the garage sale, make an inventory and present a sales report to the owner. Of course, do not forget to compute your sales percentage.

Holding a garage sale can be very exciting. At the start though, keep things simple so you won’t have to spend too much before you even know how much you’re going to earn. When business picks up or after a few successful garage sales, you can add more pizzazz to the event like balloons, a fortune-teller or a music sound system. Whatever you decide to do with your garage sale, always remember that your goal is to earn more cash. Happy selling!
Published: 2007-12-10
Author: Royce Ambrocio

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The author has been writing professionally for 10 years now across various industries: TV, print, advertising, and online commerce. He has done scripts for TV, feature articles in magazines and newspapers and copywriting for consumer, tranport and service companies.

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