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Educating the Great

Educating people we call great, Educating the great,

Maybe our continually decaying world system could become a more pleasant place where we all live in harmony and oneness irrespective of background and Race.

The people we call 'Great' are people we are in indebted to in many ways. They are the people we come across in our day to day activities. This is to say by educating every individual we have access to we will be approaching this Dream world.

The dream world I talk about is on everyone's imagination in different form and is gradually beginning to seem like a fantasy. And so when we think of it we are quick to say "well, maybe it is not impossible but it is equally not obtainable."

It won't cost anything in terms of money to start this moral obligation of making our society better.

To achieve this, one must strongly decide and make it a thing of principle not to hate anyone. Then, help people with all that is within your reach to discover and build their skills.
While doing this, be determined not to see their limitations; either, morally, intellectually or even attitudinal set-back for fault finding is a negative force hindering the human race from greatness and doing exploit.

On the other hand, since we are not perfect in ourselves, have a genuine wiliness to consider peoples ideas proposed to you for change in yourself. Receiving and prying information given to us on this subject should be highly esteemed.

In reality, continuity of this attitude to life could become tasking after a little practice. But try not to get so offended that you will not take advantage of any opportunity to persuade people to change their minds over unacceptable behavior.

And most importantly, show at each point that you care because no one rejects compassion and companionship as well.
By doing all of this we will be making a mark. Every effort we put in will be worthwhile.
Published: 2008-05-27
Author: Ema Adama

About the author or the publisher
My name is Ema Adama. I am a young female graduate from the university of jos,Nigeria. I have a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Chemistry. Writting articles that are interesting and informative is my hobby. I have been doing this from my secondary school. I edited my secondary school magazine published in 2001. I have written other brief articles for leasure that are not published yet. And in effect, i will find it rewarding to write for magazines and other publication to earn money.

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