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When I was young I used to wonder why schools are made? I grew up and found the school as a place for fun. Later, I revealed that it is the only place for fun, learning and knowledge, for me and for all. That’s how I conceived, perceived and conceptualized the phenomena of the school and its role in the society.

And now once I adopted it as a profession, I adapted to the fact that there is something more to a school than just a place for fun, learning and knowledge. It is some social obligations and responsibilities associated with it. The school has been seen and considered as an integral part of society where the students get their first social interaction after home thus making it the second home for the children and the teacher a foster mother.

The time has changed, so the idea of schooling, concept of learning, role of teacher, parents and school in entire process has also changed.

Today the concept of globalization is fast catching up and even schools are also not remained untouched by it. In the greater and global prospective, the school has become a formal agency of concern for all and are being pampered by its stakeholders- Management, Teachers and Parents. In fact, I personally consider them as three pillars of the modern concept of school.

I feel fortunate enough that here I am addressing two of them, being the third myself. As my professional experience of around 20 years so far, I found that the Management plays a very significant role in establishing the school as a leading institute. The vision of the management enables the Principal to lead for a goal, with focused efforts. This vision and goal together will help in enhancing the overall out look of the institute in the society and the other stakeholders proud to be associated with it. The management has another responsibility: providing ample chances of growth for teachers-professionally, socially and financially, and for students by providing sufficient infrastructure, quality faculty and able leadership.

I, being a teacher understand the importance of the role of a teacher and duties to be performed by him/her each day, the year long. Being the most interactive link of the process, the teacher plays a pivotal role in transforming the personality of the young subjects and turning them into good human beings, well mannered socialites, quality and disciplined citizens, thus providing the nation with very rich human capital resources. The teacher acquires the formost place than anyone else, even the Almighty, and it all makes her job more challenging and duties more demanding. If teacher turns out to be a good one, it changes the out come of the life of her pupils.

I feel short of words when I talk about the parents and their tireless efforts they put in to prove their suitability as the third stakeholder of the process. Though the parents are the most passive pillar of the system but they have the legacy to be the deciding instrument when situation demands so. All parents want to see their wards nurtured, groomed, developed and trained into a complete and harmonious personality and for this they sacrifice all their comforts. Mother in the family retains the centre point of all the activities concerning her ward’s interaction in the school and father never hesitates in stepping in whenever required.

I will be unjust if, before concluding, I don’t mention the saying which highlights the importance of the mother. The saying goes like this, “The God can not be everywhere, so he made mothers.” I did not want to offend mothers present her, but I would like to add up in this saying so that the teacher, the foster mother, also feels proud of her job. Now we can read the same saying like this, “The God can not be everywhere, so he made mothers, and by creating teachers he equipped the mothers to look after this world more effectively.”

Published: 2009-01-28
Author: ashok jain

About the author or the publisher
I am a teacher by profession, serving as a Principal of Indian School, Dar-es-salaam. I love writing, composing and Creatively doing the things. I have keen interest in Painting, Craft and performing arts like singing and dancing. I am an honest worker and belong to a very humble background and a family of six sibling. I am post graduate in three subjects and an ameture jounalist too. I wish for a very peaceful and understanding world and universe. Thanks.

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