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Effects of the Violence in the Media on the Young People


It is really hard to decide on this topic .If you were to live with the reality of life how it is in this world, you would realize then how hard it is to decide on the topic. And if you won’t be careful, you would end up catalyzing the trends.

Everyone would wish to have children of very high moral standards because that is how nature works .It is where there are people with very high moral standards that there is life and vise versa.

Believe it or not, but that is how nature works and it has been passed to every human being since time immemorial. The out come of evil against your fellow human beings is always death no matter how small the act or incident might be ,but before nature, the size is always the same.

We live in a violent and unjust world .Every morning everyone wakes up already targeting his or her fellow human beings to take advantage of them in everything that they do in their lives. Be it paying their rents or the normal earning of their daily bread or whatever it might be when they can’t get money, they take advantage of the others weaknesses and go away with whatever it might be.

This is the kind of environment that everyone expects to live in for a whole lifetime .You expect to make it through all this obstacles and live up to old age In order to do this ,you will need to have the know how to enable you to out do everything that might stand in your way .And here someone is telling you that it is bad to acquire the know how and that you should leave it and look like a blank thing .Can you imagine how hard it is to decide on this at this point.

Deciding to leave or not to leave it is very hard because this evils, I witness them in my every day life since I was born .So, which one do we take and which one do we leave? Do we equip ourselves to tackle these obstacles in life or do we live like blank things? That is where the problem is.

After knowing what is going on in life,an adolescent might decide to ask for her or his rights inside home What is wrong with that ?It is here that the parent will exercise his or her powers that he or she owns naturally .Mould your offspring into becoming something useful or valuable to humanity in one way or the other .Do not abandon or disown them ,this is just but a sign of your weakness on your side as a parent .Please do help, them tom overpower the other forces of nature as they continue growing up and gaining experience in life .Soon after twenty or thirty years ,they will be able to judge and decide for them selves well and to understand nature better .

That is all .If we don’t do this, everyone will remain with their wishes, the wishes that will never come or be accomplished, mostly, they are usually wishes of turning this world in to a paradise.

So, the question of whether the violence in the media affects our offspring adversely or whether it benefits them is rather too complicated and it needs thinking in three dimensions.

Imagine someone who grew up to forty or forty five years without even having the slightest hint of what an armed robber looks like or what a pickpocket looks like.
I’m making a suggestion ,let us just be careful that this powers do not overpower our young ones because it is when they have been overpowered and are helpless before us or nature when we call them all sorts of names .we call them thieves or gangsters and so on. This is the first step towards that direction, the rest; everyone is gonna fill them up for themselves.

There is a difference that occurs among human beings .Nature can favor you or deny you .For those who have been denied by nature ,they will never understand even if you locked them in prison for fifty years because they don’t even have the power .But a normal human being will understand after the fourth or fifth warning or as they continue maturing and continue reasoning better ,they will change their ways .Every human being instinctively walks away from harm or danger .If you add just a little effort ,they turn away or take precautions .

So it would be better if we introduced these things in schools and then use the law to control
Published: 2008-05-29
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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