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Efficacy of hypnotherapy to treat behavior disorders

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Efficacy of hypnotherapy to treat behavior disorders

Our cosmos is well operational for living creature to continue to exist on earth. It is the habitants of globe that their natural limitation or man made resources put them in hazardous situation and in turn suffer psychological or physical disorders. These behavior disorders are massive problem for our society. The number of people affected, the cost of their care- all these contribute to the financial and psychological costs of mental disorders.

Gallant efforts have been made to develop treatment methods, but none has proved to be the magic route to mental well-being. There is no, one therapeutic technique for all cases; instead therapists have a wide assortment of approaches. Hypnotherapist’s approach is highly professional to deal with such a sensitive group of patient. Any complaints or decline of client’s condition is a matter of concern. Since hypnotherapy has a solid scientific base, it is injustice to challenge the competency of hypnotherapist. They stated that therapy was a physiological response in the subject, not the result of secret power.

We as a hypnotherapist should keep in mind that the kind of hypnosis used in laboratories would only get us so far in therapy and personal empowerment. One concern over the use of hypnotherapy is the possibility that patients might relapse once a course of treatment has been completed. It has been observed that after a period of between one and five years, 83% of responders remained well with 59% requiring no further medication at all. Patients also took much less time off work and consulted the medical profession less often. Fortunately, power of mind has also been shown to be a primary factor in healing many diseases.
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Published: 2006-07-02
Author: R Sinha

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